Panasonic WVCL934

1/2" CCD Day/Night Camera

Product features:

  • 570 Lines (B/W Mode)
  • 0.008 Lux (B/W Mode)
  • Motion/Scene Detection
  • Image Stabilization
  • Auto Iris DC/Video
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The Panasonic WVCL934 surveillance box camera provides its user with a high resolution footage due to its 570 Lines (B/W Mode) and 0.008 Lux (B/W Mode).The auto Iris DC/video feature of this camera lets this camera provide you with a clear and focused surveillance in all the light conditions.

Surveillance with High Technology
The Panasonic WV-CL934 uses a sophisticated Day/Night function to achieve a very impressive 0.008 lux rating in B/W mode. This level of low light sensitivity is an addition to a number of other controls, serving to combat challenging scene or lighting conditions. There are also various other unique and very useful features like motion/scene detection and image stabilization. All these come together to provide you with an effective monitoring tool for your 24-hour surveillance environment.




WVCL934 1/2" CCD Day/Night Camera Features:


  • 570 Lines (B/W Mode)
  • 0.008 Lux (B/W Mode)
  • Motion/Scene Detection
  • Image Stabilization
  • Auto Iris DC/Video
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