Vivotek NR8301

8-CH Network Video Recorder with H.264 Compatible

Product Features:


  • Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE
  • Professional Rackmount Design
  • RAID 0, 1 Scalable Storage Solution
  • External USB Interface for Video Backup
  • Removable & Lockable HDD Design
  • Camera Installation through Easily Plug and Play
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Milestone Husky M10  
2M Technology 2MN-8108-P8  
Hikvision DS-7608NI-E2/8P  
Messoa NVR203-008P (PoE built-in)  
Speco Technologies N8NS  
Speco Technologies N8WNS  
Speco Technologies N8NSP  
Vitek VT-NVS8/0  
2M Technology 2MN-9108-P8  
Speco Technologies N8WNSM  
Vivotek ND8301  
Vitek VT-NVS8/1T  
2M Technology 2MN-VR9308-AP8  
Speco Technologies N8WNSP  
Speco Technologies N8WNSPM  
Vitek VT-NVS8/2T  
Vitek VT-NVS8/3T  
Qnap VS-2108-Pro+  
Geovision 94-NR31T-083  
Vitek VT-NVS8/4T  
2M Technology 2MN-VR9308-S  
Geovision 94-NR32T-083  
Geovision 94-NP302-08A  
Geovision 94-NR33T-083  
Geovision 94-NR34T-083  
Hikvision DS-9608NI-SH-1T  
Qnap VS-4108-Pro+  
2M Technology 2MN-VR9008C-P8  
Honeywell HNMXE08B01T  
Honeywell HNMXE08B02T  
Geovision 94-BA708-200  
Honeywell HNMXE08B03T  
Honeywell HNMXE08B04T  
Honeywell HNMXE08B06T  
Honeywell HNMXE08B08T  
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UPC : 4712123672083
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Ask a Question  about the Vivotek NR8301 8-CH Network Video Recorder with H.264 Compatible
The Vivotek NR8301 is an excellent solution for accurate, speedy and real-time surveillance. The flat and sleek rectangular design of this network video recorder allows you to install multiple recorders in a single rack. It is designed to take your IP surveillance solution to the next level. You can share 8-CH H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 format videos on the network with various video recording applications like alarmed, manual and scheduled recording, tampering detection, etc.
Once the camera is connected to the NR8301, it will automatically configure the settings and start recording. You can also customize the setting with its a user-friendly interface as per your network and camera settings. Moreover, it has built-in 802.3af Compliant Power-over-Ethernet that reduces the cost of additional power cable installation and offer power supply and data transmission via single cable. It also features a USB slot through which you can transfer your videos to the detachable hard disk and create a backup for important recordings. It is compatible with RAID 0 and 1 storage solution.
The built-in gateway of this recorder distinguishes the path of network camera and data network to prevent network congestion. This smart recorder features four digital inputs and one digital output socket that enables multi-vie screening. It is also integrated with the security sensors and alarms, so that if any unknown visitor tries to tamper the camera, it will instantly notifies the staff.
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