Comes equipped with equipped with built-in high performance 30units of IR LEDS, the KT&C KPC-VNE101NUV18 has a 0 Lux illumination. It can capture sharp and crisp footages and images of the suspicious object with in 100ft range. This avant-garde camera is packed with various day and night functionalities that will take your security level one notch higher.
This vandal proof housing camera offers complete optimized solution for the digital video systems like imaging, editing, light balance features. It is an ideal surveillance device for your vehicle and home security system.
The privacy protection option of this camera blocks out the sensitive areas and maintain the privacy of the area under observation. You can masked or unmask the multiple areas in a single scene as per the privacy requirement. You can set up to 15 privacy zones in a single area. The On-Screen Display mode of this camera allows you to customize all the operations from its screen as well. You need not to get back to the server room for changing its settings.
This smart Wide Dynamic Range camera captures detailed information in the light variant conditions. It has a smart technology that increases shutter speed exposure in bright areas and reduces in darker areas to capture rich and crisp footages.