Pelco CCC1390H-6


The Pelco CCC1390 compact security camera uses a wide dynamic range function to provide clear images in a variety of lighting conditions.  It uses a removable infrared IR cut filter to automatically switch from color during the day to black and white at night.  It captures video with 530 TV Lines in black and white and 480 TV Lines in color during the day, which is sufficient for most outdoor surveillance applications.  You may program the camera locally or use the Pelco controller (not included) for remote programming (Pelco P or D protocol). 


This compact camera comes standard with a CS mount and auto iris DC lens.  The Pelco CCC1390's compact size allows for easy installation.

Select Options:
Indoor Housing & Mounts:  Ceilling or Wall Adjustable (VT-MITB) ($4.84)
Lenses:  Auto Iris Varifocal 1/3" 2.8-12mm A.V 95.6-22.1 deg [2M-2812A] (+$65.71)
 Auto Iris Varifocal 1/3" 5-100mm A.V. 63-2.8 deg [2M-5100A] (+$112.20)
 Auto Iris Varifocal 1/3" 6.0-60mm A.V. 53-5 deg [2M-0660A] (+$84.70)
 Auto Iris Varifocal 1/3" 3.5-8.0mm A.V. 81.9-35 deg [2M-3580AN](Included)
Outdoor Housing & Mounts:  Weatherproof Aluminum With Heater/Blower (2M-OH/MHB) (+$45.00)
 Weatherproof Aluminum Housing and Mount (2M-OH/M) (+$27.00)
 Weatherproof Nylon/Fiber Glass Housing (VCH-619) (+$57.20)
Power Supply:  Plug-in 12volt DC 1000mA (+$5.50)
 Plug-in 24Volt AC 40VA (VT-24VAC-40) (+$9.20)
 Plug-in 24Volt AC 20VA (VT-24VAC-20) (+$6.78)
 Plug-in 12volt DC 1250mA (+$8.97)