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2mcctv About us
All our products are developed for specific market applications. At any given second of the day, a 2mcctv.com product is operating within the private or public sector - and throughout every corner of the globe. Applications are wide-ranging and include banking and financial services, healthcare, education, gaming and leisure, government agencies, law enforcement and high street retail.
In construction settings, keeping workers and equipment safe is a priority. Our tailored security solutions offer the advanced equipment to keep watch on your site and access control for your tools.
Educational solutions involve a wide ranging degree of professional security products with area of security including access control, intrusion control, fire and alarm security, and standard security video surveillance.
We provide Government solutions that can improve your security needs. We offer systems like complex legacy multi system integration, using hybrid solutions. Save money and get your primary objectives accomplished every time.
Health Care
With Health Care solutions, security needs to be reliable and available around the clock. Video surveillance and access control are vital components in a Health Care solution to provide protection for limited access areas where privacy and description is of most importance.
Our Retail solutions offer advanced systems to help enhance your point of sale. Your system begins with state of the art security surveillance equipment. These system features the latest in camera and video technology include network IP to HD resolution megapixel. With ease of installation, POS integration enhances video security surveillance systems increasing profit margins and reducing shortage.