10 Video Surveillance Trends & Predictions for 2013 [Infographic] Leave a comment

2MCCTV has created an Infographic of the 10 Video Surveillance Trends for 2013.  Information comes from IMS Research.

With technology and the global marketplace of all industries changing at such a rapid pace, it is important to keep up with which direction it is moving.  As for the Video Surveillance Industry, security integrators, installers, manufacturers, and distributors should look for much to change in 2013.

Look for new technological developments to further improve image quality.  Look for China’s growth to continue to be at the forefront of the market, bolstering global attention.

As a distributor of video surveillance products, 2MCCTV will always be interested in the movements of the industry.  It is important to make the adjustments that the market demands so that security distributors can offer the right products to the right consumer.

10 Video Surveillance Trends of 2013

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