Honeywell 1101


Operating Voltage 300 Volts max, Capacitance 15 pf/ft Nom, Impedance 100 Ohms Nom

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Honeywell 1101 is a ground-breaking AWG 2/C SOL CM-CL2 low voltage cable which has taken innovation to another level. It provides high-end Jacket PVC with semi-extruded facility. This amazing device avails you with Jacket Thickness of 0.015" nom. and also offers great Cable Diameter of 0.104"nom.
Pioneering Features:
This high-tech 1101 22 is an extraordinary AWG 2/C SOL CM-CL2 Low Voltage Cable that avails you with various high-end features like Jacket PVC which is semi-extruded unlike others and many more.

Well Sized:
This high-end device offers commendable Jacket Thickness of 0.015" nom. And Cable Diameter of 0.104"nom. which makes this pioneering cable different from the others.





1101 22 AWG 2/C SOL CM-CL2 Low Voltage Cable Features:


  • Jacket : PVC (semi-extruded)
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.015" nom.
  • Cable Diameter : 0.104"nom.


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