Honeywell 1118


Jacket PVC, Jacket Thickness 0.015″ Nom, Outside Diameter 0.148″ Nom

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18 AWG 2/C STR CM-CL2 Low Voltage Cable
The Honeywell 1118 18 AWG 2/C STR CM-CL2 Low Voltage Cable is a high performance cable which can work in temperature ranges of up to -20 Degree to 60 Degree C and can carry a maximum of 300 Volts operating voltage. It comes with a UL 1685 flame rating (vertical tray flame test).

Versatile Range:
The wire offers a temperature range of -20 Degree to 60 Degree C, maximum operating voltage of 300 Volts, and is made tough to perform well in a variety of conditions. It offers a capacitance of 16 pf/ft., impedance of 96 Ohms and a DC Resistance of 10.5 Ohms/M' at 20Degree C.

Durable Construction:
The wire features 18 AWG 7/28 (18 19/.0092 Stranded Bare Copper) conductor with Polypropylene insulation of thickness 0.006" nom and in standard Black, Red colors. The jacket is PVC of thickness 0.015" and features Legend (Ink Print).





1118 18 AWG 2/C STR CM-CL2 Low Voltage Cable Features:


  • Jacket : PVC
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.015" nom.
  • Outside Diameter : 0.148" nom.


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