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16 Camera Security Systems

Our top selling systems are the 16 camera security systems. These systems package some of our most popular cameras and DVR recorders in a convenient product with all of the necessary accessories for a complete surveillance solution.

16 camera systems offer extreme versatility with enough cameras to satisfy small to large size businesses. For small size businesses, sixteen cameras are enough so that you may dedicate multiple cameras to an area with more potential security risks, such as a cash register. For larger businesses, a 16 camera surveillance system offers just enough cameras to cover the key security points making it a more cost effective solution.

If you can’t find a package you are looking for, contact one of our professional sales members for a customized system at 1-877-926-228 

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  1. 4k nvr camera system- 8 Fixed Bullet/ 8 Motorized Bullet

    Did you forget to lock a gate? Is every entry point secure? Connect to the NVR and view what's going on anytime and put your mind at ease right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FB8ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  2. 4k security ip systems- 8 Fixed Bullet/ 8 Motorized Dome

    Not much of a tech person? Don’t worry. Setting up your surveillance system is as easy as taking a picture with your mobile device. Just scan the QR code found on your NVR with a phone or tablet, and we guide you through the rest.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FB8ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  3. 4k ip camera security system- 8 Fixed Domes/ 8 Motorized Bullet

    Gain quality video surveillance and peace of mind with the protection of our very own 2M 4K kit!

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FD8ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  4. 4k HD IP camera system- 8 Fixed Dome/ 8 Motorized Dome

    Comes with everything you need to install very nice kit for a very good price.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FD8ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  5. 4k commercial ip camera system- 8 Motorized Dome/ 8 Motorized Bullet

    Plus take advantage of remote access anywhere you go via iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8ZD8ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  6. 4k commercial ip camera system-8 Fixed Dome/ 8 Fixed Bullet

    Plus download the app and take advantage of remote access anywhere you go via iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FD8FB

    As low as: $51.33

  7. 4k ip video surveillance system- 16 Motorized Bullet

    Great kit for any outdoor project good for parking lots, businesses and gas stations.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M16ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  8. 4k security ip system- 16 Motorized Dome

    Supporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology, the camera is installed using a single network cable that carries both power and video.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M16ZD

    As low as: $0.20

  9. 4k commercial ip camera system- 16 Fixed Bullet

    This kit comes with everything you need to install a security system very nice price for a very nice kit.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M16FB

    As low as: $51.33

  10. 4K ip camera systems- 16 Fixed Domes

    16 Channels NVR, with 16 Fixed Dome cameras, IP Signal, 4 Megapixels

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M16FD

    As low as: $51.33

  11. 2MKT-N8116F

    • 1x 2M Technology NVR 2MN-8116-P16
    • 8x 2M Technology IP Camera 2MVIP-4MIR30-P
    • 8x 2M Technology IP Camera 2MBIP-4MIR30-P
    • 2x Western Digital Purple 4TB

    Model No : 2MKT-N8116F

    As low as: $256.67

  12. 2M TVI Camera System Kit 8 Fixed Bullet / 8 Motorized Dome


    • 2      Mega Pixel 1920x1080 Resolution
    • 5-In-1      TVI DVR: 960H, AHD, TVI, CVI, and 4 CH 2MP IP Camera
    • P2P      Cloud, DDNS, CMS, and IE and Safari Supported
    • 1x      HDD 1TB
    • 16      x 100ft Premade Coax Cable
    • Free      iPhone and Android Supported

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8FB8ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  13. TVI Security Camera System 8 Fixed Domes/ 8 Motorized bullet

    This security system is great for providing security viewing to entrances, hallways, parking lots, business corners, homes, and similarly modest security situations.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8FD8ZB

    As low as: $29.50

  14. TVI Security Camera System 8 Fixed Domes/ 8 Motorized domes

    The kit also includes the necessary power supply. Footage can be monitored remotely via smart phone or PC by downloading the free mobile app or software.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8FD8ZD

    As low as: $29.50

  15. 2m Technology 16 Motorized dome/bullet Security Camera System kit

    The video produced is true 1080p clarity. The camera control signal is transmitted through the video cable. No extra wires or connections. Have your system up in no time. The kit includes everything you need.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8ZD8ZB

    As low as: $29.50

  16. Model No : 2MKT-2M8FD8FB

    As low as: $29.50

  17. TVI Security Camera System 16 Motorized Domes

    These dome cameras have a very rugged construction; they are made of metal and are vandal proof and are also weather proof.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M16ZD

    As low as: $29.50

  18. 16 TVI Fixed Bullet Security Camera System kit

    This outdoor fixed camera also supports low illumination recording during the day and minimal light at night, where it will automatically switch to black and white mode.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M16FB

    As low as: $29.50

  19. 2MKT-7116


    • 1x 16 Channel TVI,AHD,CVI,CVBS 2MT-7116
    • 8 x 2MP Vandal Eyeball TVI Cameras 2MVT-2MIR20
    • 8 x 2MP Vandal Eyeball TVI Cameras 2MBT-2MIR20
    • 1 x Western Digital Purple 4TB Hard Drive
    • 1 x SIAMESE-1000-BLK

    Model No : 2MKT-7116

    As low as: $119.77

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22 Item(s)

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