Honeywell 2119


Jacket PVC, Jacket Thickness 0.017″ Nom, Outside Diameter 0.275″ Nom

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The Honeywell 2119 is an 18 AWG 12/C STR CMR-CL2R-FT4 Low Voltage Cable that are used in different types of applications where structured cabling is an essential ingredient. Ideal for security surveillance system, these cables ensure perfect conduction for low power circuits.

Designed by the leading provider of low voltage cables that can survive in highly demanding environments, the Honeywell 2119 is known for its 18 AWG bare copper conductor with High standard PVC made jacket. These cables are themself Polypropylene insulated and are supplied with temperature rating of -20 to 60  Degree C. The operating voltage and flame rating of these cables are maximum 300 volts and UL 1666 (Riser), CSA FT4 respectively.

Performance Oriented
The Honeywell 2119, available in 12 different insulation colors are uniquely constructed cables that comes with Capacitance of 15 pf/ft nom. and Impedance of 100 Ohms nom. Fire resistant with a DC Resistance of 6.5 Ohms/M' at 20 Degree C, these low voltage cables make an ideal choice intended to make high tech security surveillance system.





2119 18 AWG 12/C STR CMR-CL2R-FT4 Low Voltage Cable Features:


  • Jacket : PVC
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.017" nom.
  • Outside Diameter : 0.275" nom.


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