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2GIG is the creator of the revolutionary GC2 panel, and the GC3, which helped make 2GIG one of the most important security & control systems companies.
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  1. 2Gig SMKT3-345

    Smoke Heat and Freeze Detection, Ability to Separate, 3 Detection Features, Self-Contained Sounder, Supervised Transmitter
  2. 2Gig CP21-345E2

    Color Touch Screen Display, Fully Self Contained, Snap-in GSM Radio, Remotely Control Panel Settings, Two-way Voice Over Cellular
  3. 2GIG-BATT2X

    Optional Extra Capacity Battery, Replaces Standard, Internal Control Panel, Battery Required, Fire Warning System Listing, Nickel Metal Hydride
  4. 2Gig Z-SNL

    Keyless Entry Option, Easy to Install, Battery Operation, Lock keypad, Touch of a Lighted Key, 30 User Codes, Equipment Available on Request
  5. 2Gig TS1-E

    Arm/Disarm System, Control Z-Wave Devices, Available In English, See and Hear System, Status and Chimes
  6. 2Gig ANT2X

    Control Panel, 10-Foot Cable, Antenna Installs In Attic Above Plugs Into GSM Module, Locking Connector
  7. 2Gig Z-VBL

    Fits Standard Doors, Customizable Access Codes, Back-Lit Keybad, Increased Visibility, Customized Automatic Door Locking
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7 Item(s)

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