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November has come which means that it is officially holiday season. Retailers look forward to this time of year because almost 30% of their annual sales occur during this time. However, the holidays also mean that businesses are more susceptible to theft and losses. About 46% of all retail theft occurs during the winter and 81% of those cases are during the holiday season. Be sure to prepare your business with a complete security system solution.

Video Surveillance System

When it comes to retail stores, many people favor having a video security system that can blend in anywhere. The most popular type of camera to be used in stores would be dome cameras. These cameras can be used indoor or outdoors and have a sleek, inconspicuous design. The rounded dome is difficult to grab and is shatter-proof, making it vandal resistant and the ideal solution against crime.

This package comes with 8 dome cameras that can be used inside small businesses.

For bigger businesses, we have packages with 16 cameras. You can also choose options with a different assortment of cameras. This one in particular includes both dome and bullet cameras. The dome cameras can be used inside while the bullet cameras can monitor the outside, providing all around surveillance.

At 2M, we sell a variety of security systems that would fit business. Our pre-picked packages come with everything you need to set up your system including cameras, DVR/NVR, cables, and a monitor. But if you happen to not find anything that suits you, we offer customized security systems as well.

POS Video Integration

External theft is not the only threat for businesses. Even though theft by employees is on the decline, businesses incur more losses due to employees. Not only that, many businesses hire seasonal workers during this time who are more likely to steal. Integrating a security system into a POS prevents theft by register manipulation.

Using this integrator, you’ll be able to monitor POS transactions accurately. This system collects information from the POS and overlays text information on live or recorded video footage. The device allows businesses to track sales and other transactions with video evidence. This method makes it easier for owners to monitor their employees and search for specific incidents, if needed.

With these product recommendations, we hope to ensure that your business stays safe during the holiday season. The holidays are supposed to be an exciting time so alleviate some of your stress with our security solutions.

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