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Analog 4ch Security System – Bullet Turret Fixed lens – 4ch NVR – 2TB Hard Drive – Night Vision

(255 customer reviews)
  • 2 Turret and 2 Bullet Styled Cameras
  • All cameras have a 2MP Resolution
  • 2.8mm Fixed Lens
  • DVR has a 1HDD Capacity for up to 10TB
  • 4 Channel Input DVR
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1 Year Free technical support
  • Installation within the DFW area (call for a quote)
  • Free Shipping


$ 399.00 $ 499.00

$ 630.50 for 3 item(s)

2MCCTV brings you our 2 Fixed Bullet/Dome Camera System Kit. The kit includes 4x HD  2MP Bullet/Turret Cameras with 1080p real-time resolution. The hybrid DVR supports a single HDD slot that can hold up to 10TB hard drive capacity with its 4-in-1 system. In addition, the cameras come with 2 megapixels of resolution and weatherproof construction rated at IP67. Lastly, the cameras have a 2.8mm fixed lens.

Camera Features:

  • 2MP 4-in-1 ( 2x Bullet Cameras/ 2x Turret Cameras)
  • 20m IR with Starlight
  • 2.8mm Fixed Lens
  • Weather resistance rated at IP67
  • WDR
  • Night Vision

Recorder Features:

  • Support H.265/H.264 video formats
  • Support TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS, IP cameras with adaptive access
  • 4-channel BNC input
  • Support 1-ch HDMI output, 1-ch VGA output at up to 1920*1080
  • Long transmission distance over coax cable





Component Specifications

Weight 30 lbs
System Type




Camera Style


IR Range

Lens Size

Lens Type

Camera Specifications:

Power System NTSC
Sensor IMX307 1/2.8
Active Pixel 1920 x 1080
Sync. Internal
Resolution 1080P
Video out A/C/T/CVBS
Minimum Illumination 0.0001Lux(F1.2)
Gama Adjust 0.45
Electric Shutter 1/30s-1/10000s
S/N Ratio 50dB(min)
Language Eng Chin1/2 Russ Ital Spain Franc POL Port JAPA
Day/Night Auto, Color, B/W, Ext
Power Input DC12V±1V
Power Dissipation 95mA-105mA
Transmission Distance 75-5 300M
Operation Temperature Temperature -10℃℃+55℃,Humidity less than 85%RH
Weight 0.75KG
Color White+black

Digital Video Recorder:

Analog Video Input 4-ch, BNC





IP Video Input

2-ch(only IP up to 6ch),each channel up to 4K
Support AHD input:
[email protected] (channel1)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (channel1)
[email protected]
[email protected]


Supported Analog Camera Types

Support TVI input:[email protected](channel1) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (channel1) [email protected] [email protected]

Support CVI input:

[email protected](channel1) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Support CVBS input

Audio Input 1-ch, RCA
Two-way Audio 1-ch, RCA
Channel Associated Audio 1-ch, RCA
Incoming Bandwidth 40Mbps
Outgoing Bandwidth 60Mbps
Remote Users 128
Protocols TCP/IP, P2P, UPnP, NTP, DHCP, PPPoE
CVBS Output 1-ch, BNC
VGA Output 1920x1080p/60Hz, 1920x1080p/50Hz, 1600×1200/60Hz,1280×1024/60Hz, 1280×720/60Hz, 1024×768/60Hz
HDMI Output 1920x1080p/60Hz, 1920x1080p/50Hz,1600×1200/60Hz, 1280×1024/60Hz, 1280×720/60Hz,


Audio Output 1-ch, RCA
Synchronous Playback 4-ch
Recording Resolution 8MP Lite/5MP Lite/4MP Lite/3MP/1080P/960P/720P/960H/4CIF/CIF


Recording Frame Rate

Main stream:8MP [email protected](channel1) [email protected]

4MP [email protected] [email protected](channel1) [email protected] [email protected]

Sub stream: [email protected](Max)

SATA 1 SATA interfaces
Capacity Up to 10TB for each HDD
Network Interface 1RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet Interface
USB Interface Rear panel: 2 x USB2.0
Serial Interface 1 x RS485
Power Supply 12V DC
Power Consumption ≤ 8 W(without HDD)
Working Temperature -10°C ~ + 55°C ( +14°F ~ +131°F )
Working Humidity ≤ 90% RH(non-condensing)
Dimensions(W×D× H) 260 x 240 x 46 (mm) (10.2″ × 9.4″×1.8″)
Weight (without HDD) ≤1.1 Kg ( 4.19lb )

Hard Drive Reference Table:

Recording Frame Rate 15fps Column1 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 5TB 6TB
2MP Number of Days 6 7 10 14 17 21
4MP Number of Days 3 6 9 13 16 19
5MP Number of Days 2 5 7 10 12 14
8MP/4K Number of Days 1 3 4 6 7 9

Based on 255 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. DSullSD

    Fantastic deal as long as you you are a halfway decent tech person and DIY type. The Operating System on this system is somewhat confusing at first but like other OS’s you play with it and learn. If you rely on a products tech support then DO NOT bother unless you speak Chinese (I am not saying that in a hateful racist way… I am only stating the facts). I plotted out well in advance exactly where and how I wanted the system installed. With the prep work completed I was able to completely install the cameras and wire it within 5 hours.


  2. LS

    I bought this after my old pc survalence died. I used my existing cameras and replaced one. I am very impressed with quality. Plus it makes hard drive install and setup easy. Haven’t used the net app yet


  3. KrisBianca

    Good for it’s price! Very satisfied but i just download it so hope it last. Also pretty fast shipping


  4. 2M Customer

    I almost returned it… but SHOCKED, IT finally WORKS !! And I’m talking about the cameras, the DVR, the options, the ability to see live videos on my android phone, and tablet, both at my house, and remote far away, using the 2m Live App. I got to be honest, this system was a pain in my butt for a good 4 hours or more trying to figure it out, I have windows 10, and it does not seem to work at all with windows 10, Also typing in the IP of camera and logging in does not work at all !! Very frustrating, it’s an issue with windows 10 I think, the plugin didn’t help. I almost returned this product, but was finally able to get it to work on my android phone, and tablet using the apps I mentioned above. That’s all I need ! I am hoping they do fix the windows 10 issue viewing cams on a computer, otherwise a TV/ monitor works just fine. So far, it works fine.

    2M Customer

  5. NASCAR nut

    Received this last night and upon opening the package I found that the cameras are made with a very cheap plastic case and mount, so this morning I hooked up one camera to my ZOSI 4CH system just to see what I got and I’m not impressed with the picture or the angle of view. While adjusting the camera’s mount found that the adjustment screw is screwed just into the plastic and held but would not tighten securely. I will update my review once I have the 8CH DVR hooked up and running. I’m hoping that it is as good as the ZOSI 4CH that I am using now. Tested the DVR without a hard drive and I like the interface better than my ZOSI as well as it has a HDMI slot which my ZOSI does not. The one camera I have in use is working well enough so I’m upping the rating to 4 stars for now. Once I have the whole system switched over and in use for a while I will update the review again. I do not plan on using the online remote viewing function so no comment will be made on that part.

    NASCAR nut

  6. Mike Baars

    I had some other cameras from another system and they worked on this system very well. This system has many of the features I was looking for. It was very easy to install and get set up so I can use it anywhere. I needed to order some longer wires from 2M to get the cameras where I needed them and wasn’t sure about the connections but they were the right ones and all is working properly. Very Happy

    Mike Baars

  7. 2M Customer

    These were easy to install on the outside of the house. There was an issue with the power plug for the cameras but the company replaced the faulty cord quickly and it solved the issue. Once the cord was replaced all the cameras work with not down time. The program is easy to learn and use. One other issue was trying to play the saved mp4 files on my computer. It appears that Microsoft does not like the files from the 2M. It took me a while to find a free video player that would play the images without telling me they were not compatible. UPDATE after 9 months of use Still up and running and now have audio as well. My 1 TB hard drive will record all 4 camera’s and I can review it for about 28 days before it’s over written. Update for 3rd year of usage. Still working great.

    2M Customer

  8. Yousef Ali

    It’s alright

    Yousef Ali

  9. r good

    Decent system , instructions a bit vague.

    r good

  10. midnightcalico

    Love it. The system even accepted a converted rca to bnc old camera I had. Crawling through the attic was kinda a pain and drilling holes so wires werent spewed all over the house. But they seem to be weather proof. My only complaint is one of the cameras wiring is wonky and if positioned a certain way will shut off. I should have complained to the company to get a new one maybe but its not been too much of a hassle so i havent bothered. The picture is good enough for surveying the area. The setup was easy and pretty self explanatory. I have never set up a camera system before and i got it figured out.


  11. Larry A Elrod

    Caught the thief! And guess how? Shout out to these cameras homies!!

    Larry A Elrod

  12. Tammi

    Great system for the price. Easy to setup and install.


  13. Marvin

    Not what i needed . Had to send it back.


  14. Jose Zavala

    Work great

    Jose Zavala

  15. Sherry Coker

    The video of these come in great quailty! The camera’s were very easy to set up and they work like a charm. I really recommend you buy these if you want to feel safe in your home, or when your away!

    Sherry Coker

  16. Kelley1892 (verified owner)

    haven’t installed them but everything is there. looks? brand new


  17. john p (verified owner)

    This is an awesome security system , this is my first one and it really was easy to set up. now i can check on my house when im not at home and see the wild life that sneaks into our garden at night..

    john p

  18. kevin (verified owner)

    Very good picture


  19. Jay

    This 2M channel Security Camera is fantastic. This Security camera is very easy to use compared to the other types of security camera. The instruction are very clear in how to install the cameras and it shows very clearly how to set up and start it. It was really fast installing all the things and making the computer ready. I am very amazed on the quality of the picture at this low price.The quality of the cameras are way better than the last ones that I brought and also more expense than this one.The brightness of the screen makes the camera very good and easy to see the outside.It is also fantastic that there is a app that I can download to connect with the system so I can see this all day and not worry about anything.I highly recommend this Security camera!!!


  20. Jon Oliver (verified owner)

    Great product. Works well and never let’s me miss a thing. Plus you can live view to your phone or tablet.

    Jon Oliver

  21. Peyton Groshart

    I bought this system, set it up to check it as they suggest and it worked fine. So I spent all day installing and wiring the system in my yard, only to THEN try their app. What a mistake.

    Peyton Groshart

  22. Aman

    I feel like sending it back but I must say sometimes it does work and it seems fine but the settings are very confusing


  23. Daniel P. (verified owner)

    Worked great

    Daniel P.

  24. Cassandra



  25. Andy

    I have been an 2M customer for a long time now. Recently our DVR and security camera of another brand began to breakdown and I decided its time to improve. I review many security cameras but ultimately decided on the 2M1080p security cameras. The packing are solid and insured that the security camera received no damage during the transportation. The installation went real smooth because easy to ready manual. The manual provided pictures and easy to understand instructions. Once I had everything setup, I immediately begin loving it. The 1080p DVR and the water proof camera and great quality made it worth the price. I would recommend the product to everyone in need of security camera.


  26. Tuan (verified owner)

    This security camera system comes with 4 cameras so I can put it at multiple locations and monitor all at the same. It can even be connected to my phone so I can keep an eye on what’s happening inside and outside of the house when I’m at work. As expected, the cameras are waterproof so it can be left outside and I don’t need to worry about it when it rains or snows. I like that it comes with night vision so that it can record even when it’s dark outside, which is most important. This camera has very clear pictures and it can be adjusted to only record when there is motion, which saves a lot of electricity. The setup was also fairly straightforward. Overall, I think this camera system is worth the investment.


  27. Donna Whitehead

    Love this!! So easy to set up….. Will recommend to all my friends!!

    Donna Whitehead

  28. john roberts

    These are perfect. Yes they do need a power source but thats a lot easier to do then then to run all the wires back the the receiver. I have a big house and these were perfect. I do wish they made the cords a little longer which is why I only gave 4 stars, but other than that Definitely worth the buy. Id recommend these to anyone wanting a cheap but quality surveillance system.

    john roberts

  29. Bonnie Edwards

    Great well built and easy to install!! Will buy again! ??

    Bonnie Edwards

  30. joshua

    These cameras are amazing for the price you pay for them. They work well the video quality is great and night vision works amazingly. Only down fall is that there is no customer service number for when you run into problems


  31. Brittany

    such a great camera system. the video quality is super clear and visible, even at night time. great addition to our home…makes me feel safe! 🙂


  32. W. K. Holton

    Very easy to use. Cameras were already paired out of the box so that made it even easier.
    I used wired on one camera and on the other 4. The video quality was great on on all cameras.
    The night vision was really where this shined. I was very impressed of the clarity at night.
    The night vision quality is amazing.

    Recording was straight forward.

    Setting up motion detection was so easy. It’s not a military grade system, so I was not expecting it to actually work, but it does. It will flag the motion as a red line in the play back, and you review it later or have it alert you. There are tons of squirrels here, so we no longer use the motion feature much because they always trigger it.

    This is worth the investment.

    W. K. Holton

  33. Cameron Glasgow

    The system was packaged very nicely. The setup was super easy. Pretty much just plug everything in and the cameras connect on there own. Picture quality is great. Night vision works well. The only thing you need is to add a Hard Drive so you are able to record. I would recommend everyone to get this system.

    Cameron Glasgow

  34. Robert Cross

    I dont normaly write reviews but this product came out of the box ready to be instaled. Instalation was a breeze and i couldnt be any happier. Everything works as described and has so many wonderful features.

    Robert Cross

  35. Chad Thomas

    Works as advertised. The range of the cameras is not great, but thankfully you can use the cameras themselves as repeaters for other cameras. This made it possible to place the cameras where I wanted. Motion detection sensitivity will need to be reduced, lots of false alarms if not. Image quality isn’t amazing, but probably average amongst systems in the price range. Happy with purchase.

    Chad Thomas

  36. hellen kirby

    I purchased this product for my father-in-law. He lives alone and it gives him extra security. The installation was a breeze and works wonderfully. The picture and range is great. If mine ever go out I will be purchasing these cameras. I would recommend these to anyone. They work FANTASTIC!!!!

    hellen kirby

  37. jairo

    We love it,this is my first security camera and my husband and I we are so happy with it,the cameras looks good,clear
    vision,motion,everything looks good.


  38. Jay

    This product is amazing. Everything I wanted in a camera system I got and more


  39. M Gerardo

    Extremely easy to setup and use. The system is really simple to get going. The four cameras included provide a very clear image for the low price. Night vision works great too.

    I’m using the four included cameras plus 3 more other cameras I had from a different system. Everything sync’d together flawlessly. The software is pretty simple and straightforward. It connected to my home network and automatically located the other 3 cameras within a few seconds.

    It’s really convenient to review the cameras from my cell phone at any point in time. The app has a playback feature and also a live mode.

    The cameras were quick and effortless to mount using 3 screws at the base. It’s rained numerous times since their installation and everything still works great.

    M Gerardo

  40. Delano A. Braud Sr

    This product has been absolutely amazing. The picture quality is brilliant and I have no problem identifying what I am seeing in the camera. I wish I wouldve had this product along time ago!

    Delano A. Braud Sr

  41. Kevin Quinton

    Easy setup, clear both day and night

    Kevin Quinton

  42. Lysa

    Amazing picture quality both day and night. These cameras were everything I was looking for. So far they work great and we haven’t had any problems. Will update this review if any negatives come about.





  44. Patrick V.

    Good picture

    Patrick V.

  45. amy smith

    The picture is crystal clear. Easy set up.

    amy smith

  46. Lizzie Mcclellan

    Bought these for home security and love them. Easy set up and recording options. Would recommend.

    Lizzie Mcclellan

  47. 2M Customer

    Product was easy to install and set up. It’s signal is strong so no repeater needed.

    2M Customer

  48. Yamilka Fernndez

    Igual que en la descripcion, imagenes perfectas y muy feliz con mi compra. Luego pedir ms para algunos lugares de la casa q me faltan por tener vigiladas.

    Me encanto. Mejor inversin no pude hacer.

    Yamilka Fernndez

  49. Ann Scott

    Im so excited about this system. Easy to use!

    Ann Scott

  50. karen weichers

    This was hard for me to set up but I am in my 70. I had to get help from my son. We then got it to work and it works very well. I am very happy with the way it works.

    karen weichers

  51. Neeka Johnson

    This is an excellent product. It was easy to install. Just follow the instruction manual. The picture quality was suprisingly great. Night vision was clear and detailed. I bought this system for my Aunt but I am now considering to get this for myself. It’s a good investment. One thing to note; you will need a monitor and a HDMI or VGA cable to complete the set up.

    Neeka Johnson

  52. Matthew Sowa

    Arrived in 2 days, easy to install, good resolution.

    Matthew Sowa

  53. John Blake

    It’s easy to set up. The system supports 1080P something that I was really looking for in a security camera system. The app works great on my android phone. I also added a SSD for recording video. This is a sweet & simple system to use.

    John Blake

  54. Maria

    Love them


  55. mike young

    I love it! Everything came neatly packaged with clear instructions. Nothing missing 🙂 i havent installed it yet because i only just opened it but i cannot wait to see how it is when im done. I already feel safer. I would definitely recommend this for my parents houses too.

    mike young

  56. OBlowMe1Kenobi

    Having something watching my possessions feels better… LET ME SEE YOU STEAL MY WEED NOW!


  57. Dylan

    Very nice system no problems setting it up.


  58. Some dood

    Make sure you make use of all the features this has to offer cause these one has many hidden features.

    Some dood

  59. Julie

    Here’s what my brother wrote. I got lazy to reword it, but I think the camera’s great 😉

    “I received the product as a gift from my brother. Overall the product received is terrific!

    The instruction booklet essentially had everything ancillary that we needed to know. I installed two of the four cameras and covered the majority of the house.

    I wish the net video recorder system would come pre-installed with a hard disk drive. I wouldn’t mind paying for the extra amount to ensure that I can record the streams.”


  60. Jesse

    It was a easy to install and fast to connect and camera quality is on point! Love it now that i go away from house i feel safe and secure! For the price it was a steal!


  61. obadiah

    The cameras were easy to install and the night vision is crystal clear. I would recommend.


  62. Brian Hopkins

    I’d use a tightening ball for rotation instead of a gear hinge. This way you can give it more available rotation

    Brian Hopkins

  63. Lawrence

    Good product!


  64. Roy

    The set-up of the cameras with the receivers was easy with no issue, the App to view remotely on my phone works well, even from 250 miles away. Setting up the system and reviewing recorded video is relatively easy as well. The cameras send data to the receiver continuously without interruption and the night vision is awesome.
    The only issues I had were
    1.) The placement of the cameras is limited to the power outlets outside, I would have preferred battery powered to prevent wires on the outside of the house but you can strategically place. I did have to drill (2) 3/8″ holes into the house to run the power cords but not noticeable if done right.
    2.) The receiver has to be plugged into your Router, I was hoping this was as well.


  65. Seth

    My husband just installed these cameras around the outside and inside of our home. I love the quality of the photo and the night vision feature. The only drawback Ive had so far is that the app does not support 5G WiFi and thats what we have so we cant use the cameras when we are away from our home.


  66. j.hardee.

    It works pretty well! Minus the app called ip pro that force closes all the time.


  67. Callie R. Dunbar

    I love the cameras. Great quality! & Everything arrived the day after I ordered them and everything was operable & not damaged

    Callie R. Dunbar

  68. Tennis ball 88

    Set-up for this system was so easy that even the most tech ignorant person could perform it. Really great product with picture clarity. i will probably add 2 more cameras to the system. The cameras as repeaters function was also well thought out as i put a camera in my unattached garage and used camera one as a repeater. I highly recommend as I have been researching systems the last couple of months and this setup checked all the boxes.

    Tennis ball 88

  69. David Yao

    To replace my home security monitoring service. Gone with the monthly bill. This system works.

    David Yao

  70. 2M Customer

    Cameras are very very clear. Easy to install. Connecting the cameras to a smart phone is a little difficult. But this is still a good purchase, great quality and sleek.

    2M Customer

  71. jonathan camacho

    Can’t get a better camera system for this price. Easy set up. I like that can add more cameras if I need to.

    jonathan camacho

  72. Bill

    I liked these cameras because they are easy to step up. They are very clean in the day and at night.


  73. marcel a. murray

    Dont forget to purchase the hardrive.

    marcel a. murray

  74. 2M Customer

    I like that I can view the cameras from my phone, however the app always blacks out and closes so I have to do that a couple of times before I get it to work. The motion detection takes a couple minutes to give me a notification through the app but that is understandable. Other than that, setup and installation is easy and the camera is easy to work with and understand. I would recommend

    2M Customer

  75. Avelino Martorell (verified owner)

    Good deal, fast shipment !!!

    Avelino Martorell

  76. Marcia Taveras


    After receiving instructions from 2M on setting up push notification on the cellphone app I like to say how awesome these cameras are specially for the price.

    I am happy to say I’m getting push notification on my cell phone and what is even more exciting…it is free…yeah..

    I usually don’t write reviews, but I am very impressed with the quality and the ease of set this security system. I actually purchased this system in a hurry as i was going out of town and needed some sort of security system to monitor my home while away because recently there were breakings in the cars around the neighborhood. These cameras were installed the same day I got and left on my trip the next day.

    The system is virtually plug and play all you have to worry about is place them near a source of electricity to power the cameras. The picture quality is crystal clear both day and night. I wish there was audio, but I am planning on adding additional cameras with audio capabilities.

    I also wish there was better instructions on how to complete the set up for the different functions on the menu when the additional hard drive is installed. I am still trying to find information on how to set it up.

    I am purchasing a 2nd set of these for my niece as she is in need of security,

    Marcia Taveras

  77. 2M Customer

    We just received it the picture quality very nice & clear. We have to adjust the night vision its too dark right now but again we just got it

    2M Customer

  78. Travis Broihier

    This is a great system. Simple to set up and directions are clear. I am most impressed with the picture quality. It is much clearer than other systems have purchased previously. The night vision quality is especially excellent.

    Travis Broihier

  79. Rueben Williams

    This is an excellent product. Highly recommend!

    Rueben Williams

  80. Reed

    Clear picture, works great on mobile devices.


  81. Geano Irizarry

    Solid sleek design easy to use

    Geano Irizarry

  82. Kindle Customer

    Does had programs for Apple Computer. Does not explain how to set up the adding cameras.

    Kindle Customer

  83. Jenne Martin

    The picture and hardware quality are top notch. I am struggling to get it set up.. So now I need a handyman to install. I clearly did not read the product description as thoroughly as I should have.

    Jenne Martin

  84. 2M Customer

    I like the Camera System easy installation process. However, i dont like how the cloud streaming is configured. You should be available to disable cloud stream. Dont trust on Cloud provided hosted by Alibaba or any similar.

    2M Customer

  85. Ana Andino

    Easy to install and great quality camera, most definitely feel much safer knowing I can see whats going on from the comfort of my bed by looking at my phone.

    Ana Andino

  86. Roxanna

    I just got them on Friday. I like them so easy to install but I can’t seem to get the motion detection to work I don’t even know if it has that feature. What I also learned is that the additional hard drive didn’t come with it so can’t really record.


  87. Jason B.

    I was very pleased from the beginning with the security camera package kit. It came in a nicely packaged box. The cameras are very sturdy, and seem like they are good quality. I am using 4 cameras in my business. The instructions were very helpful, though there were a couple steps missing which I was able to figure out. The images look great. After installing the hard drive, I tested the recording and it all is working very well. I installed the ap and have also tried accessing the cameras from a browser and it all works fine. The app is pretty good. These work just like I hoped they would and the installation was about what I expected. They were not too hard to install. I did it all on my own, although it would have been easier to have someone else hold the camera while putting in the screws since the camera weighs a bit and juggling the cordless drill and the camera both while on a ladder were a bit of a challenge.

    Jason B.

  88. Fay

    Very easy setup! Picture quality and night vision gets the job done! Not a fan of the app user interface, but other than that, the cameras are pretty good for the price!


  89. Dulce D.

    This is exactly what i was looking for great quality and great price! Im able to watch on my phone no matter where Im at.

    Dulce D.

  90. Vanessa Schmuck

    Purchased these cameras as a security system for our house as we are situated in the middle of the city. Good quality for a good price!

    Vanessa Schmuck

  91. Eli m.

    Easy to install the hard drive and cameras.

    Eli m.

  92. MichiganReviewer

    We had a man show up in the middle of the night because he “ran out of gas.” He never actually knocked and I wished we had the security cameras we had talked about buying. This set is perfect. Picture quality is very good. Price is more than reasonable. Love how easy the power cords were to hide in the j-channel siding. Would definitely recommend.


  93. Yohandra M

    Todavia experiment

    Yohandra M

  94. Shannon

    I have been very pleased with the quality of the video that the 2M provides! The auto setup feature is quick and simple. Mounting is easy as well.


  95. Benito

    They work great at day and night .good signal


  96. James Ryan

    Bought for a league I am part of and was really easy to install and understand how to setup. Would easily buy another setup if I needed more cameras

    James Ryan

  97. Donna Canales

    I have received my cameras I love the way the color is cameras night vision don’t work too good but the cameras are great easy to put up easy installment very few things that what’s wrong but they are great one is the antenna needs to be stuck out of the bit farther so you can adjust the camera 2 it has no voice control for you to speak into two-way speak but it is a good camera to

    Donna Canales

  98. Tiffany R

    I love that I can see what’s going on outside of our house. We originally bought this due to recent vandalism and burglaries in the area. This has alerted us already to suspicious people on our property and the night vision is very clear. It was easy to install and set up. I personally have the app as well which is extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this camera system.

    Tiffany R

  99. Roberto Mendez

    Bought these cameras for added home security. Very impressed with the video quality and ease of installation.

    Roberto Mendez

  100. 2M Customer

    Would I buy this system again? Absolutely. For the price & return on investment the value is outstanding. If you read the provided information, you know what you are buying (4 streaming video cameras that need electricity to operate & and install a additional hard drive to record the surveillance video) and should be extremely satisfied with the results.

    Hope this helps

    2M Customer

  101. Kellie Baxter

    These cameras are easy to install and use! It took about an hour for us to put up 3 of the cameras around our house. The picture quality is good and the free app makes this purchase even better. You get a good bang for your buck with this system!

    Kellie Baxter

  102. jason heath

    Super easy to install! Great coverage! Money very well spent!

    jason heath

  103. Shaun C. Roberts (verified owner)

    Great System would recommend for those that are do it yourself.

    Shaun C. Roberts

  104. margaret m.

    i would highly recommend this system the clarity is amazing & it is very easy to set up the pictures on each camera come out perfect & we are going to set the apps up to our phones today this is a first camera system we have ever had & i have no regrets at all i wish i had one sooner it also gives you a safe feeling knowing all eyes are on what is happening outside at anytime def worth purchasing and if you are on the fence about getting on i would recommend to take the plunge it leave you with a feeling of safety

    margaret m.

  105. Jeremy reins

    The security cameras are nice because they have a wide range of detection and a long distance.

    Jeremy reins

  106. Rocky Yang


    Rocky Yang

  107. Michael Ruth

    These give you a nice clear picture, day or night. Was easy to install and set up will be adding more cameras.

    Michael Ruth

  108. Cris

    Easy setup, moderate ease of installation. Needs a harddrive, gift includes if you write a review. Has a bit of a lag but picture quality is decent, better than Zmodo cameras.


  109. Anthony DePasquale

    I am very happy with this security camera system! The instructions were really easy to follow and I set up the cameras quickly. Very happy with this purchase, if you are looking for a home security system this can fit the bill. It has lots of recording features and motion but I’ve chosen to record 24/7 and it comes set that way. I also decided to get a monitor after the fact because I wanted to be able to look at it without tying up a tv or computer. Took me half an hour to unbox and set it up for testing. High quality metal case HD resolution cameras. Good night vision visibility. Good wide angle view. Good motion detection with adjustable sensitivity.The app works perfect on cell phone and I can view all 4 cameras from anywhere on my phone.

    Anthony DePasquale

  110. Jacob

    Worked perfectly.Easy to connect to the recorder and to my phone.


  111. Alexander Duarte

    Best product ever! I just bought this security camera kit for my business and it’s just amazing!! Easy to install and great quality!

    Alexander Duarte

  112. Anh

    Great product. Highly recommended!


  113. jewel777

    Clear pictures. Easy to install. I enjoy watching what is going on outside especially since I am not able to go outside at this time.


  114. 2M Customer

    ez setup

    2M Customer

  115. DaVa

    I loved the quality of the camera and the video quality of the recordings. The night-vision works great. The recommended app allows you to view your cameras live feed directly from your smartphone. However, it does not let you playback past recording and the email and phone alert to your phone does not work; but, you can only access the video archives directly from the security system. Good buy! 😀 Works nicely as my new nightlights. 🙂


  116. Mikaela

    Package arrived well packaged and quick with prime. The setup was easy , all cameras communicated quickly with the video recorder. The most difficult part was running power to the cameras, but I knew that going into it. The app on cell phone does not detect motion and is slow to load and frequently shuts down.


  117. Pedro Hernandez

    I like it because it let me be everywhere in my house and out side just looking my TV or my phone, now I fill relax when I go out, thank you very much.

    Pedro Hernandez

  118. Rachel Cochran

    I love the cameras. They definitely give me peace of mind now that Im a single mom. The picture quality is amazing. Set up did not take long at all. The longest part was handing the cameras.

    I love that I can check the cameras from my phone. All around a VERY satisfied customer.

    Rachel Cochran

  119. B. L. Davis

    couple off cause it took forever to arrive

    B. L. Davis

  120. berryberry (long island)

    As of now, which is after production installation, I am very happy with the product. All electronics functioned well. I had no problem following the instructions. I installed all of the possible applications. The systems functions exactly as advertised. If the systems functions for a year or two, I will consider it a very good investment.

    berryberry (long island)

  121. Jeniffer

    Perfecta para seguridad se la casa.


  122. Diaes R. Hay

    Camera were great and easy to install. The will provide great security to all areas of my home.

    Diaes R. Hay

  123. Clay Johns

    I received these as a wedding gift and they work great! Highly recommended! Easy install and simple to use!

    Clay Johns

  124. david

    Easy set up, cameras can adjust several directions to make sure you are capturing what you want monitoring. Unfortunately additional hard drive is separate but still a good beginning set up.


  125. Laura Gonzalez

    I’m very happy with my purchase.. very easy to work and now I can go out and I can see my property any time I want to do it.

    Laura Gonzalez

  126. Gabriel Morris

    I love how convenient this camera system is. Now we can rest easy knowing that we can see all that happens around our house in the daylight AND at night!

    Gabriel Morris

  127. Juan Quiles

    I liked the easy setup and the picture quality is amazing. I bought this to secure my home and for my families protection. Would definitely recommend.

    Juan Quiles

  128. Federico Tischler

    Very nice quality and easy to installed

    Federico Tischler

  129. Janna S.

    Its exactly what i was looking for. I can keep an eye on all places of entry into our home, plus I can watch to see that our dog hasn’t escaped the backyard! Camera resolution is really good, and the installation was really simple! I am so much more than satisfied!

    Janna S.

  130. Jacob

    The equipment and cameras included were of decent quality. Everything was in the box as stated which sad to say doesnt always happen with everything I order nowadays. Be sure to realize you will have to get a additional hard drive in order to record what your cameras are picking up. Easy setup and look forward to seeing how long the setup lasts.


  131. Natasha Doan

    Challenging to install!

    Natasha Doan

  132. KariQueen (verified owner)

    The security camera’s picture during the day is very clear, but at night is just so so. In general, this product is still good.


  133. jake hall

    We just got our system. We are waiting for our additional hard drive to come in however the cameras are sleek and blend into the home. The screws on the box to take off we’re a bit difficult because one was stripped when we got it. However so far so good. Super easy installation.

    jake hall

  134. Peter23

    Really satisfied with this purchase, eazy install. The quality is great. It’s been about 2 weeks and i have no issues. I was able keep tabs through my smartphone. I will be purchasing additional cameras soon. Thanks also Will reccomend this product.


  135. Jared G.

    I work at a company named Southwest Parts & after ordering our first set of cameras for the office, we absolutely love the security system so this was our 2nd purchase. The quality of these cameras is amazing, the customer support is beyond quality & we are more than satisfied using this to protect our assets. On top of it all, they offer a free gift for leaving a review… and whether or not this gift was available we would more than likely leave a review anyway due to the quality of this product. Thanks 2M!

    Jared G.

  136. Alfredo A.

    Adquir este equipo video recorder, 2 cmaras adicionales y el Disco Duro ya que no lo incluye, lo instal y configur en un par de horas, el servicio hasta el momento ha sido excelente, me gustara que fuera de 5MP o 1080 las cmaras pero an siendo un equipo de 1080 se miran muy bien. La App IP Pro para iPhone, iPad y Android funciona sper bien. Buena relacin costo – beneficio. Recomendado.

    Alfredo A.

  137. wildogo

    We are very pleased with the quality! It worked pretty well out of the box and it was easy to set up.


  138. Oscar C.

    Great product for my security. Good quality and price too. Recommended for your house .

    Oscar C.

  139. IG

    Very intuitive software app and excellent hardware quality for the price. Can’t go wrong with this security cam.


  140. Billy

    Easy setup. Overall really like the system but was missing 1 camera power supply


  141. Rod H.

    This system was very easy to setup truly plug and play. Great pics nice video great play back. I am going to add 4 more cameras to max it out and take advantage of the complete system.

    Rod H.

  142. Mehrle

    Good cameras, night vision works great and installing a additional hard drive was easy enough. iPhone app worked perfectly.


  143. Ivan Gee

    It’s pretty good and the is a nice feature.

    Ivan Gee

  144. Jess

    Honestly I was terrified of the idea of installing my own security cameras. I am NOT electrician worthy at all. But this set is absolutely the easiest things ever! You literally plug them in and bam they connect pretty much on their own. Oh how I love the feature. You don’t need internet to connect them (but worth connecting to the internet for the app) and you don’t NEED a hard-drive to use it (but you cant record). Pretty basic knowledge.
    The quality of these cameras are actually better then expected. The night vision is definitely a nice touch. My whole backyard lights up as if I left the back light on. I’m satisfied with my purchase, and the best part? !
    I would recommend these if you are in need of some extra security around your house.


  145. Don H

    Delivery was faster than expected, can’t wait to get everything installed

    Don H

  146. Gary D.

    I’m pretty happy with the system. Easy to install. Does everything we had hoped.

    Gary D.

  147. Lorena

    We like it a lot, easy installation and the quality of the images from the night vision are great


  148. Christine

    My boyfriend and I are incredibly pleased with these cameras. Weve been looking for months for an affordable system that we could easily add cameras to as needed. Install was a breeze and only took us about an hr-most of that was adjusting the camera to our liking. Very fast delivery and for the price very strong picture quality. Will absolutely be ordering more cameras.


  149. Mr KayZ

    I am happy with this product because it is cheaper than the other products I see in the market. The picture quality is very good and very easy to set up. I really recommend for everyone who first time install the camera. It only less than 5 steps to install and enjoy a perfect video. I wish it come with the additional hard drive, so I dont have to order a separately.

    Mr KayZ

  150. Dustin Patton

    I have been looking for a camera setup to have coverage around my house and these will serve that purpose. I got them yesterday 12-7-19 and I hooked up the receiver to a computer monitor using a VGA cable and the picture is clear. I went that routeas I already had one. IAM sure at some point I will switch to HDMI. I have not been able to actually install them in position as where I need them the included power cable is too short for me. I got back on 2M and I ordered a two pack of extenders to suit my needs. I will be back with updated pictures once everything is installed and running. Ease of use is exceptionally great and all cameras are fantastic! Do not hesitate to buy these.

    Dustin Patton

  151. Catalina Cati Gutierrez

    Not going to lie but it was a really good security camera, but I still needed one that was cordless and can be in a high places and not need to have a long cord behind it. I do recommend it to anyone that has a business, that needs up to 8 cameras. And yes we were able to use the app watching everything at home from our phones.

    Catalina Cati Gutierrez

  152. Tammy LaGrange

    I had my brand new snow blower stolen right from the side of my house in the middle of the day. I decided right than that I wanted cameras on my property from now on. I went on 2M to see what they had and looking at tons of them, found these to be the best and the best in price. I have put them up and they work great. The pic is great and they have done what I hope they would do. I feel so much more secure, knowing I have these cameras now on my property.

    Tammy LaGrange

  153. Sarah M Jacob

    I love this product! Ive been concerned lately in our neighborhood but having 4 cameras placed around our home has definitely helped me and my housemates feel more comfortable, especially since I get home from work so late. I was very impressed with the night vision and the picture quality on the cameras. The recording and screenshot options are really helpful too for when our housemates filter in and out of the house frequently. The look of them is professional and they are noticeable but in an aesthetically pleasing way. I would definitely recommend this product to help secure your home and put you at ease.

    Sarah M Jacob

  154. Rosi

    Easy installation,great picture and the night vision is great. Very satisfied??


  155. Sauce de la Apple

    The camera system is packaged in a very sturdy box with adequate insulation. All pieces were included as described right down to the little screws. Setup is very east and is basically plug and play. Anyone should have no trouble setting this up. The most steadfast Luddite should have no worries when trying to figure out what goes with what because everything is labeled.

    Sauce de la Apple

  156. CPB

    Clearer instructions for setting up recordings would be appreciated.


  157. Alex Cardelle nice

    These cameras not only look super clear and crisp, but they are the easiest things to install to. Everything is included and was installed in about an hour. I would recommend this to people trying to find a easy to install set of cameras that work.

    Alex Cardelle nice

  158. jason f.

    This was a breeze to configugreatre. Picture good. Well worth it.

    jason f.

  159. 2M Customer

    We recently purchased the 2M cameras to help us monitor our pregnant does out in the goat barn. We were tired of getting up in the middle of the night getting dressed and going out into the cold. The cameras were very easy to set up and have been so helpful to us. We will probably add a couple more down the road.

    2M Customer

  160. Michael

    The value you get from these is insane. The video quality is truly insane! I have my house fully protected and it was soooo easy! Super happy with my purchase!


  161. 2M Customer

    Product is exactly as described very easy install plug and play.

    2M Customer

  162. David102406

    Good product, good price.


  163. Jason Xia

    very clear image

    Jason Xia

  164. cristian

    Exclente producto, de muy buena calidad de imagen, muy facil de instalar y configurar, tambien tiene un muy buen rango de alcance para las distancias de las camaras, muchas gracias


  165. kasey trifonoff

    Very nice picture, clear and easy to see and has a very nice range.. would definitely recommend

    kasey trifonoff

  166. Megan

    They were exactly what we wanted. I’m very happy with my purchase.


  167. Gary Luna

    Easy to install! Nice picture. I even get a free gift, I chose the additional hard drive so a I can have a recording of what is seen.

    Gary Luna

  168. dkeller719

    Just got it installed. Everything seems to be working as inspected. Need to learn the specifics. Only 4 stars because when installing, the base where the camera screws in, the threaded hole seems too big. The threads dont tighten.


  169. Wendell Richard Wiley

    Great for home surveillance

    Wendell Richard Wiley

  170. Ramiro

    Nitidez de imagen


  171. Dennis Riordan

    The overall System is of good quality. I like the hardware’s performance through out this cold season so far.

    Dennis Riordan

  172. Stephanie C

    Easy to install and very good picture quality.

    Stephanie C

  173. Jonathan J Hicks

    I went cheap on this to see if it was something i wanted to install on my house. Compared to “name brand” prices and features I expected to be disappointed but…i was not! Luckily, installed one of those and powered everything on. At first I had no video with one of my monitors but it worked on another one…not sure why. Once i got a visual, everything worked as it should. The menu is easy to navigate and gives you plenty of options for setup. The app was a little finicky at first but now that i’m used to it i have no issues. Playback is easy and even marks movement in the timeline so you can quickly navigate to the time of event. It does seem a little sensitive but i’d rather have too much captured than not enough. The cameras seem solid and work well in the dark. The picture quality is decent. I still haven’t played with all of the features or mounted all of the cameras but so far i’m impressed. If you’re looking for a basic system to keep an eye on things without a monthly fee, this is a good option. Especially if you can hide the base in a secure location should you have a break in. I believe there is also a cloud option that backs everything up.

    Jonathan J Hicks

  174. Amanda101

    works perfectly fine!!


  175. Brody Loftus

    Its super simple to set up! The instructions dont provide much information for this particular model because I didnt buy the monitor or anything. But following the apps instructions and adding my device was easy. All you have to do is plug in the cameras and wait about 30 seconds for it to connect! The app I use to check the cameras is not the best. It works fast through WiFi, slow through phone service and it crashes if you leave the app running

    Brody Loftus

  176. Chris Castillo

    The camera system is very user friendly. This is my first time setting up a camera system and it was much easier than i first thought. The video quality is great. I can see my whole street clearly. The night vision works really well. The infrared lights light up my whole driveway. It gives me piece of mind for not spending an extravagant amount of money.

    Chris Castillo

  177. David E.

    I bought this camera system for my father’s new home. When they arrived, I gave the box to my dad, and he was able to get the cameras installed quickly. They produce a high-quality image and work great at night. I bought these for my dad to see how they worked, given the high reviews, and now will be buying them for myself as well.

    David E.

  178. Sara Hinsey

    This product is so easy to install. My husband and I are not techy at all and we install really easy.

    Sara Hinsey

  179. JulietteV

    I am very happy with my purchase. I needed to install some surveillance for the outside of my moms house, and this is just what I was looking for in price, quality, and features. I did a lot of research on several systems sold on 2M but this one had the highest ratings so I bought this security camera, and it works great. The price is very reasonable for the whole set.


  180. 2M Customer

    This a security system that works really well. It has a good price point and exactly what I needed. As soon as I unboxed the cameras they synced to the device with no issue. The video quality is great.

    2M Customer

  181. Vinny

    Not like it says. They all need to be plugged in and have very short cords. Picture is good and nice to have the app to go with it.


  182. Slurrikane

    I wanted to give it a bit of time before writing a review it works for what I need it to but I don’t know about the motion sensor as this is always recording 24/7 so I just run with it not sure about using it away from home as I won’t connect it to the internet because of things like that can hacked all all tho a good product


  183. Rkreykes1

    Easy install, added 2 cameras, CCTV monitor. System is working perfectly. Longest distance from the video recorder is about 90 ft.


  184. Mike Pettus

    Easy to set up and no wires to install.
    I am happy with the Night Vision, Motion Detection and Picture quality of the system. If you are unfamiliar with installing and setting up a home video security system, I recommend getting this system.

    Mike Pettus

  185. 2M Customer

    Extremely easy installation. I had all 4 cameras running in less than 30 minutes. Great customer service. I broke 1 camera during the installation, no questions were asked, they shipped new camera right away. Only issue I have is there is delay of about 1 to 2 seconds between the live and monitos which is understandable considering they are . If you want easy installation with high quality pictures, this is it. Also, the phone app is very user friendly.

    2M Customer

  186. valorienatavia

    I love these cameras so much. We were broken into 2 weeks before thanksgiving and ever since I have been worried about my kids. I am now not worried at all. I also love I can put the cameras in any room I want to and see what my kids are up to! I just switch the tv to cameras and the best baby sitter ever!!!


  187. George D

    I have nothing to compare them to but they work Great!

    George D

  188. Stephanie

    Great camera system. The picture is so clear and it covers every angle of our home. You can also see super clear at night. So glad we got this system. Super easy to install as well.


  189. Maya R.

    We set this up for our house and it’s amazing. It just hooks up to our tv. You can also view from your phone in real time!

    Maya R.

  190. Anthony Gognavec

    I dont like that the ether cable is so short and that it doesnt come with additional hard drive other than that it’s great one other thing is that in my package there’s a card that said I one a free gift and I haven’t been able to redeem it

    Anthony Gognavec

  191. Denise

    We LOVE this system! The video is super clear and it was so easy to setup. We have recommended it to everyone we know.


  192. JDM

    I tried it inside my house and so far I haven’t seen any defect with the cameras. It is very clear pictures once you get it running. I am giving this unit 5 stars! Get this unit and you will enjoy watching 24/7 days a week.


  193. Floodman

    If you set these cameras up using a monitor you will have absolutely no problem. I first tried just setting up with the app and the modem. That didn’t work for me . The night vision on these cameras are great. So far I’m very happy with this system. There is so much you can do with the cameras and the settings you can program. The price is fantastic.


  194. Tracy Williams

    Very easy to install and is truly plug and play. Picture quality is superb. Came well packaged and arrived in one day with 2M prime. I would highly recommend this Network Video Recorder. It is the best bang or the buck and a minor investment for the comfort of knowing who or what is invading your privacy.

    Tracy Williams

  195. CCLbee

    It was pretty easy to install and quality is good my only issue is the connection for our garage area cam it goes in and out hence why ill try it with the repeater! But definitely recommend the product!


  196. A. B.

    This is our first surveillance system, and we chose 2M as it was recommended by 2M. We were very pleased with the result. It simple to set up, easy to access and so far it seems reliable. Highly recommended.

    A. B.

  197. PT Carreira

    Great for the price.

    PT Carreira

  198. De

    My husband is completely obsessed with our 2M Security Camera System! the picture is clear night or day and easily accessible. We each have alerts sent right to our cell phones when motion is detected. The cameras were very easy to install and mount, Although, the directions are a bit confusing.

    We could not be more happy with this purchase.


  199. adam

    It very easy to setup and have nice quality


  200. Veronica Ramos

    Muy buena calidad

    Veronica Ramos

  201. Mike smith

    Easy set up easy to use works great. Will be adding more cameras. Very impressed!

    Mike smith

  202. Nick Kasoff

    I received the system today, and within an hour, was able to install hard drive, configure the recorder, and set up two cameras. everything works, and once you figure it out, it’s quite easy. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video, both day and night. I’ve seen a lot of security video stills in the news that are absolutely put to shame by these cameras.

    Motion detection works great, but figuring out how to mask part of the screen from triggering motion detection again required a support queries and the support was surprisingly exceptional.

    Ultimately, this wins hands down for value. The ability to have a , reasonably good quality 4 camera security system for plus your choice of additional hard drive is pretty amazing. Starting today, porch pirates are on notice.

    Nick Kasoff

  203. Priscilla Villafuerte

    Easy to set up

    Priscilla Villafuerte

  204. Clay S.

    I have four cameras hanging around my card and my front porch and they will serve their function as deterrents admirably. Each camera head has two points of articulation that can be adjusted and tightened with the allen wrenches provided. The strength of the signal from the video recorder box to the cameras is strong and rarely falters. The night vision is a plus but the camera must be positioned appropriately so the focus doesn’t pull to a light source nearby or anything overly white and negate the purpose.

    The box was easy to install and it can’t be mentioned enough that you have to purchase and install your own 3.5″ SATA HD for it to work. No HD comes with the system! I also found the mobile contingent equally as simple to install and use. Pro Tip – use the mobile app while you’re installing the cameras outside so you can easily see where the cameras are pointing without having to look on a computer, which is much more troublesome because it may be all the way back in the house. Additionally, remember that unless you plan on doing some serious ethernet wiring, your video recorder box must be close-ish to your router because the video recorder will be plugging directly into the router via ethernet cable.

    The most challenging part of the enterprise especially if you’re installing outdoors is wiring the cameras to a power source, which can be simplistic if you have one nearby but much more challenging if you don’t. For example, I don’t have a power source near my front porch which is why I’ll be having to likely have someone come out and drill through stucco (ext) and drywall (int) to find a source within the house. Be aware that unless you’re already very competent in wiring and drilling, you may have to call for some assistance from someone who is more experienced.

    All in all, great system for the price and remember, you can always add up to 4 additional cameras along the way.

    Clay S.

  205. Andrea

    My family was looking for an affordable security camera set and we are very glad to have purchased this set. The cameras are great and the video quality is pretty good. My favorite part was the set up…so easy to install. One thing I would recommend, is to purchase monitor since it makes the installing much easier. If you are using a pc, you won’t be able to use a mac since it won’t allow you to install the app. I would definitely considering either purchasing a monitor or installing the video recorder system to your tv. Great cameras and am very happy with this purchase!


  206. Lorin garcia

    purchased this security cameras almost a week ago. I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up and quickly the cameras showed up on the monitor. I was also impressed with out good the night vision was. I am looking to buy another set for my business. I would recommend this security system to anyone.

    Lorin garcia

  207. Julio Rodriguez

    This is exactly that I need. The quality of the images are good and the configuration is not difficult to do. Great design. I’m very happy. Thanks.

    Julio Rodriguez

  208. Jamie Nam

    I recently purchased a small company and we installed the 2M Camera. Everything works fine and I highly recommend it.

    Jamie Nam

  209. sharon

    this security camera ability to access remotely with my smart phone and the ability to record events as well as view live feeds. So far I feel like this is a very good system. Works very well very pleased with this security system for our cottage.


  210. Carlo

    I used the product at my vacation home in the Caribbean. I can monitor my property from the USA. Easy setup, great night vision , sharp and clear picture. Very happy with this product


  211. Thrsems

    Very easy to setup and great picture quality


  212. Joe Mahan

    I recently purchased the 2M Security Camera System. The product was very affordable. The installation was easy and quick. It only took about 2 hours to fully install the system. The camera quality is very good as well. The only negative thing i have to say about the system is that I wish the camera power cords were slightly longer. Overall I am very satisfied and recommend this product to other customers.

    Joe Mahan

  213. Tammy M Mensink

    Great system. The night vision is even better than I anticipated. I only wish the main box could connect to the internet via wifi rather than being hardwired.

    Tammy M Mensink

  214. 2M Customer

    The cameras are great so far, good quality image and fast easy installation. Now I feel safer at home with this system and I really like the product and would recommended to others

    2M Customer

  215. 2M Customer

    Set up was easy.had trouble with power supply,texted customer support and they were very helpful in correcting my mistake. Very happy with the system .

    2M Customer

  216. Casey Denholm

    Product seems like it will be great, once installed. Didn’t realize an additional Hard Disk Drive would be needed to record.

    Casey Denholm

  217. Myalee Abbott

    So far we are having no problems with the 2M system. We had a hard time get it on the phone but we got it to work and never had a problem since. We got this as a Christmas gift and we love it. We have had many people come in and out of the house while we were at work to fix things. And we were able to watch to make sure that everything went as planed. It also gives us the chances to look in in my kitty while at work.

    Myalee Abbott

  218. 2M Customer

    it was fast to get to set up and easy to get system working.

    2M Customer

  219. Jeff

    These cameras are great they are easy to install and configure using the hub. The cameras connection is always good even though they are pretty far away from the base unit.

    Overall feeling for this purchase. The picture and actual function of the setup is great! Night vision works perfectly and I can keep an eye on the house when my wife is home alone. The app could use a little more work and offer more options other than just watching and recording, it would be nice to see the ability to adjust settings like you can when you are using the monitor and mouse at the base unit. Very happy with the purchase and price and will likely be getting more cameras to add to my current setup


  220. Brittany

    Came undamaged and on time. 4 stars because you’ll have to make the additional purchase of a hard disc drive


  221. Dave

    Easy setup, good picture. Interface is easy to use. Sets up quickly.


  222. Allan Dodds

    I love it it was easy to assemble cameras are very bright and have a very clear picture

    Allan Dodds

  223. Peter O

    Over all an great Security system!
    Does everything you need and well worth the money.

    Peter O

  224. Tooeztoorder1374

    I’ve had other camera’s but by far these are ez to install and work with video quality is good and the instructions were clear and ez to follow good product


  225. ahsanuzzaman choudhury

    I am very happy with this security camera system! If you’re like me, you have ZERO experience with installing a security system. But you know you want a quality product that’s WIFI and that you access from your phone via an app this product is one of the best. The instructions were really easy to follow, and I set up the cameras quickly even though I dont really know how to do this kind of stuff. It was easy to set up and the images are clear both in the daylight and at night. I am glad I order 2M Security Camera System

    ahsanuzzaman choudhury

  226. 2M Customer

    shipping was delayed and it was annoying

    2M Customer

  227. Wilver

    The cameras are very accurate


  228. Tony

    The installation for this product was easy and quick. I am very pleased with the quality of the cameras and user-friendly interface. The mobile app made it simple to keep an eye on your property while away from home.


  229. MBJr

    Excellent video recorder system for the price. Cameras are not bullet size, but they work well.


  230. Jacob Kevin Coey

    Got these this past week on Thursday and put the cameras up this weekend! Happy with the quality so far and the app for the cameras is easy to use! Very pleased with the product!

    Jacob Kevin Coey

  231. Lisa Kelly

    very impressed on how easy it was to set up, connect to phone. the pictures are very clear.

    Lisa Kelly

  232. Adam

    Very happy with this product, before I used night owl video security the picture on this is 10 times better highly recommend


  233. Adam

    Very happy with this product, before I used night owl video security the picture on this is 10 times better highly recommend


  234. smith w

    Great camera system! It comes with 4 camera and a receiver.Its very easy to install .Everything needed was included. The picture quality was great. Worth the money!

    smith w

  235. Amy C

    Just set this up last week and so far we are very happy with it! The picture is great. The set up is easy and its user friendly. The app is working great too, I love being away from the house and I can take a quick peak and make sure everything looks good!

    Amy C

  236. love’s shoes

    When I got these I was so impressed and I love the (3) three that are still working. However, after a little over a month one quit working altogether. Very frustrating, it’s the one that views my front entrance. I hope the other three last. I do like that I can be at work and see from the app what’s happening at home. Picture quality is excellent…just the one camera issue.

    love’s shoes

  237. BB

    Everything has been great! Set up was easy and product is good quality and perfect for what I needed.


  238. cassidy moore-ziething

    Night vision is perfect for the babies nursery! The other three cameras outside are reliable and great picture quality!

    cassidy moore-ziething

  239. doug g

    very easy to setup and installed them in about 2 hour. great video.

    doug g

  240. Jeremy Pyles

    Good quality and easy setup
    Best video recorder in the market now.
    We just simply follow the instruction guides inside of box, and it only took me 10 mins to set it up in the system.
    What I like:
    It comes with four IP cameras but the system can support up to eight IP cameras.
    The camera power core is like 6 ft long, its easy to find the closed by outlet to connect it.
    The camera quality is high, I can zone in anywhere I want to see and the picture quality wont go down.
    Overall, Im satisfied with this video recorder. Within this price range, its the best one we can get.

    Jeremy Pyles

  241. Emma

    Very easy to setup and instructions were clear. Great video quality. Customer support reached back to me within 3 days. The only improvement would be app as I would only receive notification from time to time, not always getting them.


  242. Fernanda

    Es de muy buena calidad, es necesario un manual claro para instalar la deteccin de movimiento


  243. Robert G.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with this security camera system. Each camera has to be plugged into a power source. Included with each camera is a 12V power adapter and about 6-feet of wire to plug into the camera. You can purchase power cable extension wires to extend the length of the wire to the camera. Instead, I simply spliced the power wire with 18-2 thermostat wire to achieve the desired length. Due to my limited attic crawl space, I drilled a small 1/4-inch hole inside each corner of my house just above the baseboard and ran the wire outside behind my vinyl siding corner post up to the soffit. On the soffit, I mounted round electrical boxes and ran the wire into each box. Then, I mounted the camera to the cover plate of the box and plugged in the power wire to the camera. Now that each camera was wired with power, I installed hard drive for recording the camera video. To install, simply attach with the included screws and plug it in (wires included). The rest of the setup is easy plug and play. I’m using my TV as a monitor since it has several HDMI inputs plus my internet connection (router) is next to the TV and a convenient location to plug in the camera internet input.

    Robert G.

  244. lydia huguez

    Very easy to set up and use, only thing to remember is that it does not come with a hard disk drive but easily obtainable.

    lydia huguez

  245. 2M Customer Gina

    Love the clear display in real time. Easy setup. Highly recommend.

    2M Customer Gina

  246. Tiffany Rodriguez

    Bought this for my father, he absolutely loves the security cameras to the point of he’s always watching it from work on his phone and he also bought a separate monitor for his room and leaves it on 24/7. I feel like he’s become our family security guard!

    Tiffany Rodriguez

  247. Ty Bradley

    Fantastic camera easy setup and easy to use

    Ty Bradley

  248. Gema Villamil

    An excellent quality-price product. I decided to buy these because I have one of this brand in my daughter’s room, I read her reviews I compared and I do not regret it. Very easy to install, the instructions are easier to follow, they match very quickly as soon as you connect the cameras to the power source, I am using them via Wi-Fi and you can have them at a very good distance, it does not affect image quality. I have them on cell phones through its app and it is excellent, on my Probook laptop, very easy to schedule recordings, and it can be put in many languages. This product is excellent, I recommend it 100%

    Gema Villamil

  249. Patti

    We purchased in November and finally had the chance to install it and are really happy with it, you can adjust cameras and its visible at night. We chose to set it up on our tv Upstairs to be able to see it in the evenings.


  250. jenna valdez

    Satisfied customer!!

    jenna valdez

  251. Brian Reed

    And this is only with in my first 4 hours of having it hooked up. I like it a lot quality and set of is great and simply!!

    Brian Reed

  252. Frank C.

    I did not want to invest a ton of money into a surveillance system, but wanted one that would be satisfactory. After doing research and reading reviews it kept bringing me back to 2M. From the time I received the order and how well packaged it was to the handling of the cameras which were heavy and appeared very well made. Once I installed them the quality of the picture had much higher quality that another other in the price range. This coupled with the night vision makes us feel much more secure. I recommend this to anyone shopping for the home or office surveillance system.

    Frank C.

  253. Gerald Breen

    This is a good system it takes a little time to install it but works well it doesnt come with a additional hard drive and there web site it really bad cant get it to cant figure it out

    Gerald Breen

  254. becky chandler

    Good clear videos

    becky chandler

  255. Heather Shoemaker

    I would highly recommend this camera system to anyone who is looking to have outstanding picture quality. Set it is rather easy and the installment of cameras is as easy as screwing in a few bolts and positioning the camera to where needed. The night vision is just as clear as if it was day time outside. I would definitely recommend to everyone I know and will be purchasing additional cameras.

    Heather Shoemaker

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