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There are many times when CCTV cameras with built-in audio (microphones) seem like a great value and a great idea.  If you have looked you probably noticed that we have very few options for those cameras.  While we can get them (contact 2m cctv) we have not had great experiences with them in the past.  If you’re in the market for a camera with built-in audio, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Before thinking about the mics, think about the HD DVR.  The microphones (even ones built-in to cameras) need an input on the DVR.  Buying 8 cameras with 8 mics for an 8 channel DVR that only accepts 4 audio inputs is a frustrating experience.  Make sure to view the specs of the DVR for the audio inputs and don’t forget the speakers.  The DVR will have an audio output but the speakers do not come with it.

Match CCTV Audio Input


For CCTV with audio, placement of the mics is as important as the placement of the cameras.  As an example, consider an indoor room.  If one CCTV camera and one microphone were used to monitor a room the camera should be in the corner to view the majority of the room.  The audio however rarely takes place in the corner.  An omni-directional mic placed in the center of the room is the best bet for quality recording.  Because of these different placement requirements, we recommend separate mics that are not integrated into the camera.

Audio Microphone Placement for CCTV


Whether or not your CCTV system is using built-in audio or separate mics, there are some serious legal considerations you should know.  CCTV with audio recording has different legal implications from state to state.  Before installing audio recording devices check the laws of your state.

For instance, the following US states require consent of ALL parties involved in a given conversation:

Audio Recording LawsCalifornia
New Hampshire


  1. Hi, Your article is interesting, but the doubt that I have is How much distance can it be between the DVR an the Microphones, we are currently using Pelco´s DX4516 DVR´s, and what kind of microphones do you recomend?

  2. I want to design a virtual training techical training center. I have a limited knowledge of the CCTV do you think this will be the best deal for me? The arrangement of the training room is such that the trainees will be with the hardwares and from a remote location via internet the trainer should be able to display the litratures, have video and audio of the trainees.

  3. Hi, I have big project and the customer need cctv video room, audio room and internet room. In the project two rooms sharing and the third is sprite. Which are the best ways for making these rooms. I think the video and audio to gather and internet sprite. Please give me your idea. Best regard’s

  4. hi I have 8survilance IR 264 cctv camera system ,I want to get micropone for it I dont know which micropone to buy can you tell me name or the model no for this micropone

  5. When it comes to home security, cctv, and stuff, I always read your blog. It never fails to amuse me. Keep it up

    Jayden Kintore
  6. Hi, i am planning to buy 8ch cctv for my house. I want a clear capture and night vision camera. Kindly recommend a suitable unit. Thank you.

    Noel Pamittan
  7. Good article. I am experiencing some of these issues as well..

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