Honeywell 3124


Jacket Type Plenum PVC, Color Natural, Thickness 0.016″ Nom, Diameter 0.242″ Nom

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Abrasion-resistant, The Honeywell 3124 is a perfect 14 AWG 4/C STR CL2P/CMP Low Voltage Cable. This 14 AWG low voltage cable is engineered to cater the varying needs of government and commercial sectors.

Values and Functionality
Designed to excel, this six color low voltage cable works flawlessly under extreme voltage and temperature conditions. This low voltage cable ensures effective transmission with minimum loss via capacitance of 36 pf/ft., impedance of 55 ohms and a DC Resistance of 2.6 ohms/M at 20 Degree  C. Clad in PVC jacket, this low voltage cable comprises of 14 AWG 19/0.0147 stranded bare copper conduct

Hard-Wearing Construction
RoHS complained, this Honeywell 3124 14 AWG 4/C STR CL2P/CMP Low Voltage Cable built to industry standards with a temperature rating of -20 Degree  to 60 Degree  C. It offers a maximum operating voltage of 300 Volts. It comes complete with Plenum PVC and clad in a PVC jacket. This moisture resistant cable complies with NFPA 262, CSA C22.2 No. 2556 (FT6) Flame Rating.





3124 14 AWG 4/C STR CL2P/CMP Low Voltage Cable Features:


  • Jacket Type : Plenum PVC
  • Color : Natural
  • Thickness : 0.016" nom.
  • Diameter : 0.242" nom.


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