The 32 Channel NVR System is engineered to support large systems of cameras and perform under a heavy volume processing and high fidelity data. These NVRs will support multiple large capacity hard drives for scalable video storage space.

Our professional NVR series comes with IVS, An Intelligent Video Surveillance, which are advanced features such as Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion Detection and Video Analytics. All NVRs can be controlled and monitored via phone or table, and can be set to send Snapshot via email. These NVRs are all designed to interact with all brands of IP cameras. Examples of some applications for a 32 Camera System include large parking garages, warehouses, and department stores.

2MCCTV suggests that you call one of our specialists to help design a system that would use an NVR of this capacity 1-877-926-2288

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