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A lot of people decide against using a cloud for surveillance even though it can have many benefits, especially for businesses. In this post, we will go over common misconceptions people have about cloud surveillance and the reality.

Cloud Surveillance is Expensive

The biggest reason why people choose to not use a cloud for surveillance is because a monthly service fee is required. Since clouds use a subscription plan, people think that using a cloud is more expensive than using a video recorder. While it is true that there’s more payments associated with a cloud, it is actually more cost-efficient in the long run. With a cloud, you can expand storage space by just paying a little more each month. With traditional surveillance, you will have to buy a whole new DVR or NVR if you run out of storage. Not only that, traditional surveillance can get expensive since you have to pay professionals to come out and update your system. With a cloud, all updates are done automatically by the cloud provider.

The Cloud is Not Secure

Another misconception is that cloud surveillance is not as secure because all of the recordings are uploaded online. However, it is actually more secure because cloud providers are constantly making updates and patches to make your system more secure and protected against cyber-attacks. Not only that, traditional video recorders can be stolen or damaged which would cause the video recordings to be lost forever. With cloud surveillance, all of the recordings are already online so they won’t be affected even if the hardware is.

It is Complicated to Set Up

A lot of people are turned away from using cloud surveillance because they think that connecting their cameras to the cloud is a complicated process. But in reality, setting this up can be easier than traditional surveillance systems. Traditional surveillance systems come with more components that have to be wired and connected to each other. Most cloud surveillance technology just requires you to position the cameras where you want and then connect them to the cloud through an app.

Managing Cameras is Complex

A lot of people not only believe that setting up a cloud surveillance system is a difficult process, but also that managing it is complex as well. In actuality, the cloud platform makes it easier than ever to manage your cameras. Unlike traditional surveillance systems, everything can be done over the cloud via internet. Scalability is a key feature of the cloud because you can add as many cameras and systems as you want and everything will be able to be controlled through one simple platform.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding cloud surveillance that deter a lot of people. However, using a cloud for surveillance can have many benefits and significantly make your security operations easier. We hope that we were able to clear up any concerns you might have had so you can decide if using a cloud is the right solution for you.

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