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One of the benefits of having security cameras is that they deter crime. Typically, people are less likely to commit a crime when their chances of being watched and caught is higher. Some people install dummy cameras for this reason. Dummy cameras are fake cameras that are meant to look like real ones. Many people opt to install these because they’re cheaper than real cameras but still deter crime. Although they do have the short-term benefit of saving money, they have long-term disadvantages.

Easily Identifiable

Although dummy cameras might look like real cameras at first glance, many experienced criminals can easily tell the difference. The biggest tell-tale sign is a blinking red light. It’s meant to give off the impression that the camera is recording, but it’s actually the first sign that the camera is fake. Another sign is the camera’s movement. At first, it may look like the camera is real and tracking movement, but people will start to notice that it moves in random directions and is not actually tracking anything. Since they’re so easy to identify, they won’t deter crime because criminals will know that they’re not being recorded.

Legal Guidelines

Even though dummy cameras are not real, they do still have to follow the same legal guidelines applied to real cameras. For example, users may have to notify others that cameras are being used or have to be careful to not have the camera point in the direction of private property. Installing fake cameras is a hassle but they reap very little benefits. If you’re going to go through all of that trouble, it’s more worthwhile to just have actual cameras.

No Protection

The biggest reason to not have dummy cameras is because they don’t provide any protection or security. The appearance of cameras may deter crime, but crime might still happen, especially if criminals know the cameras are fake. In case incidents do occur, you would want a recording of events so you have evidence to give to the authorities or you have footage to evaluate if there’s a conflict in the workplace. With dummy cameras, if an incident occurs, you will have no record of what happened.

Legal Liabilities

Another disadvantage of dummy cameras is that they could cause legal liabilities because they create a false sense of security and is misleading to people who may rely on that security. For example, a shop owner who installs dummy cameras in his store to deter shoplifting will be held liable if someone in his store got pickpocketed and was relying on the cameras for evidence to give to the police. Many people see security cameras as an eyewitness in case something happens but this is not possible with dummy cameras.

Wrap Up

Security cameras are a good deterrent for crime and other malicious behavior, but prevention is not 100% guaranteed. Incidents will still happen regardless of the presence of cameras so it’s important to have real cameras that will record everything for evidence. Dummy cameras may save you some money now, but you risk losing so much more in the long-run. To get started on your long-term protection, you can visit our website or speak to one of our sales consultants.

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