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One unexpected outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the demand for home pool installations have increased. When the virus first broke out, public pools were one of the first businesses to shut down their operations, despite it being summertime and their busiest season. As a result, many homeowners decided to invest in installing their own pools. But what comes with increased pool owners is the increased need for pool security. Here are some helpful and simple tips for securing your pool.

Cover Unused Pools

Unfortunately, drowning is a common cause of accidental deaths for children between the ages of 1 and 4. This is often due to young children wandering around pools unsupervised and accidentally falling in. One easy tip for preventing this is to keep your pool covered with a sturdy pool cover when it’s not being used. Covering your pool is not only safer, but it also helps to keep your pool clean.

Build a Fence

Another tip for securing your pool is to build a fence around the perimeter of the pool. Although there’s no federal law regarding pool fences, many cities have their own requirements and specifications for pool fences. When you are choosing a fence, you should opt for a taller fence to make it harder for people to climb over. Additionally, you should make sure that the gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence is minimal so that no one can crawl under. Lastly, you should use a gate that will automatically latch when closed to prevent children from getting easy access.

Use Motion Sensors

Even though safety gates do help, they are not a guaranteed method for preventing access. Children may still be able to bypass the gate so using motion sensors will give you added protection when you’re securing your pool. One way to use motion sensors is to install them on the gate so that you can be notified when someone is detected to have opened it. In addition, you could use a special floating motion sensor that senses when water has been displaced due to someone falling in.

Install Outdoor Security Cameras

The best method for securing your pool would be use install outdoor security cameras to keep watch when you can’t. With security cameras, you’ll be able to protect your property from home invasions and keep your loved ones safer around the pool. When choosing security cameras, you should opt to buy cameras that will allow you to access them remotely so that you can monitor from anywhere and at anytime. For added security, you could use motion detection cameras or even PIR cameras. With these cameras, you’ll get instant notifications when motion is detected along with a recording of the incident.

Swimming is a fun summertime activity, but it can cause fatal accidents if proper precautions and safety measures are not in place. However, securing your pool can be easy and effective with these simple tips.

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