Honeywell 4209


Jacket Type PVC, Color Red, Thickness 0.017″ Nom, Diameter 0.220″ Nom

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The Honeywell 4209 are 14 AWG 4/C Shielded FPL-CL2 Fire Alarm Cable. These advanced cables are constructed with 100% genuine and guaranteed cabling material. These highly developed fire alarm cables offers optimal durability. These are used in different types of applications where controlled cabling is an essential component. These leading, global security cables are your best bet when you want to make sure great conduction within 300 maximum voltage power circuits.

Made for Durability in Demanding Environments
The Honeywell 4209 are highly durable cables that feature 14 AWG Solid Bare Copper conductors insulated with red, black, yellow and green colored polypropylene, which is especially designed for offshore flow assurance. In addition, it includes red colored PVC jacket with a 0.017" nom. thickness. These advanced cables are particularly designed to work under the temperature rating of -20 to 75 Degree C and at maximum operating voltage of 300 Volts.

Resourceful for The Toughest Applications
The Honeywell 4209 are premium quality security cables that are utilized in manufacture of fire alarm, emergency system and circuits controlled and powered by the fire alarm system. It comes with Capacitance of 52 pf/ft nom., impedance of 29 Ohms nom. and DC Resistance of 2.54 Ohms/M' at 20 Degree C.





4209 Fire Alarm Cable 14 AWG 4/C Shielded FPL-CL2 Features:


  • Jacket Type PVC
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.017" nom.
  • Diameter 0.220" nom.


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