Honeywell 4405


Jacket Type PVC, Color Red, Thickness 0.015″ Nom, Diameter 0.212″ Nom

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Honeywell 4405 are 18 AWG 8/C Shielded FPLR-CL2R high quality fire alarm cables by Honeywell, one of the most reputed suppliers of reliable security and cabling solutions for both commercial as well as residential buildings.

Innovative Structuring
The Honeywell 4405 is one of the best cost-efficient range of fire alarm cables that includes 8 polypropylene insulated conductors made of 18 AWG Solid Bare Copper. Further it comes with jacketed construction with PVC made jacket around the conductors that helps in increasing durability of these cables. These cables have a temperature tolerance varying from -20 to 75 Degree C with operating voltage of 300 Volts max.

Other Impressive Attributes
The Honeywell 4405 comprises of innovative and robust features making these fire alarm cables one stop solution for all fire alarm circuit problems. With capacitance of 42 pf/ft nom., impedance of 36 Ohms nom. and DC resistance of 6.5 Ohms/M' at 20 Degree C, these cables are designed to support fire alarm systems and various power circuits controlled by fire alarm devices.




4405 Fire Alarm Cable 18 AWG 8/C Shielded FPLR-CL2R Features:


  • Jacket Type PVC
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.015" nom.
  • Diameter 0.212" nom.


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