Honeywell 4423


Jacket Type PVC, Color Red, Thickness 0.022″ Nom. , Diameter 0.094″ x 0.200″ Nom

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The Honeywell 4423 is a 16 AWG 2/C Sol FPLR-CL2R fire alarm cable. Featuring a highly-robust design, these fire alarm cables are critical for preventing your commercial as well as residential buildings against hazardous fire.

The power-limited fire alarm riser cable has significant fire-resistant property that makes it ideal to be used to build fire alarm system. They are manufactured so as to continue working without fail even during fire. The design includes 16 AWG 2/C copper conductors within a layer of Polypropylene insulation. It features PVC made jacket in standard red color, with a thickness of 0.022" nom. The high-efficiency fire alarm cable has a temperature rating: -20 to 75 Degree C.

The FPLR-CL2R fire alarm cable is considered usable in a vertical run in a shaft or from floor to floor. It is effective in preventing fire from spreading along the vertical distance. With a 100% UL-Listing, it is completely safe to use these fire alarm cables for residential and riser applications.





4423 Fire Alarm Cable 16 AWG 2/C Sol FPLR-CL2R Features:


  • Jacket Type PVC
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.022" nom.
  • Diameter 0.094" x 0.200" nom


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