Honeywell 4431


Jacket Type PVC , Color Red, Thickness 0.015″ Nom, Diameter 0.144″ Nom

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The Honeywell 4431 is the most reliable range of fire alarm cable for your fire detection circuits. It is an 18 AWG 2/C SOL MID-CAP FPLR fire alarm cable manufactured with superior craftsmanship by Honeywell, the leading provider of security solution for a broad range of applications.

Robust Design
The fire alarm cable is 100% UL listed which itself is a testimonial to its high- efficiency and utility.  The Honeywell 4431 is a riser rated cable with a significant temperature tolerance. It comes with a temperature rating of  -20 to 75 Degree C. It is chiefly made up of 18 AWG 2/C solid copper conductors with an insulating layer of Polypropylene. Further it comes with PVC made jacket with a 0.015" nom thickness and 0.144" nom diameter.

The Honeywell 4431 has a flame rating of UL 1666 Riser, CSAFT4 and is used for signal wiring, for emergency circuit and fire circuit control. It is effective in protecting the buildings or systems against hazardous fire or electrical shocks.





4431 Fire Alarm Cable 18 AWG 2/C SOL MID-CAP FPLR Features:


  • Jacket Type PVC
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.015" nom.
  • Diameter 0.144" nom.


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