Honeywell 4442


Jacket Type PVC , Color Red, Thickness 0.015 Nom, Diameter 0.187″ Nom

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The Honeywell 4442 is 16 AWG 2/C Shielded Mid-Cap FPLR fire alarm cable that can be used to prevent fire from spreading from floor to floor. It is manufactured by Honeywell is the leading, global provider of security cables and equipment that conform to international standards of security.       

Featuring a composite structure within a jacket, the Honeywell 4442 guarantees long term security solution without being damaged. It has 16 AWG 2/C copper conductors with effective Polypropylene Insulation. These fire alarm cables are so designed to maintain circuit integrity even when affected by flames. It has a standard Red colored jacket made of Polyvinyl-Chloride. It has a temperature rating of -20 to 75 Degree C and an operating voltage value of 300 Volts.

The Honeywell 4442 has a high-level of fire resistant properties which means they can work even under fire. It is thought as the ideal choice for preventing hazardous smoke or fire in high rise buildings. It is used in the design of fire alarm circuits and fir resistant circuits.





4442 Fire Alarm Cable 16 AWG 2/C Shielded Mid-Cap FPLR Features:


  • Jacket Type PVC
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.015 nom.
  • Diameter 0.187" nom.


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