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What is it?

As with every other technology, surveillance systems are starting to evolve as well. For the longest time, 1080p was the standard in the surveillance industry. But now that 4k cameras are becoming more relevant and widely used, there is a movement to shift from 1080p security cameras to 4k security cameras. 2k super HD and 4k ultra HD are becoming terms that are very common when it comes to computer monitors, TV screens, or even mobile phone resolutions. What is the benefit of upgrading to a 4k surveillance system you may ask? It gives you an improved resolution, allows you to compress your videos in H.265 and H.265+ which are very efficient, and it also allows you to have a higher color and contrast as opposed to 1080p cameras. Using the compression allows you to have a small file size even while having a very high quality of the video. You might think that because of the improvements the price of 4k security cameras will be extremely high. That is not quite true. Yes, they are still high compared to 1080p cameras. However, the cost is slowly being reduced with each passing year. It is getting close to the point where buying a 4k camera now is not even an expensive lavish investment anymore.

What makes an image 2K or 4K?

In order to know if you want or need a 4k camera, you first need to learn what the difference is between a 2k image and a 4k image. The biggest difference is in pixel size. A 2k image has around 2000 pixels whereas a 4k image has 4000 horizontal pixels. The resolution standard for a 2k HD camera is 2048 * 1536 whereas the standard for 4k is 4090 * 2160. So, as you can see, 4k security cameras have almost double the pixel amounts when compared to 2k.

Why Choose 4K?

The biggest quality that 4k cameras provide is the fact that the images that are delivered using a 4k camera are crisp and clear. It is also worth considering that zooming into a recording or footage with a 4k camera does not reduce the quality much if at all. Why does that matter? As a result, these kinds of cameras can be used to enforce facial recognition or even license plate recognition if you choose to do so. The fact that 4k cameras give you the ability to capture small details on objects and clothing gives you a lot of flexibility.

It is also worth noting that 4k cameras have larger image sensors. How does a larger image sensor help you? A larger image sensor improves the contrast and color in a low light setting. One of the biggest factors in determining the quality of a video is the sensor of the camera and with the biggest sensor available, 4k cameras blow all its competitors out of the water in that regard. 4k cameras will soon be compatible with NVR that will allow the cameras to record at 4k as well. So, if you have a 4k camera you should also ensure that your NVR can record at 4k because otherwise, you will be wasting your money on a 4k camera without reaping the benefits from it.

4k security cameras


4K security cameras will provide you with the greatest opportunity to get useful evidence should any incident ever happen on your property. The cover the sharpest details, the large image sensors allow for a higher quality color night vision and increased digital zoom when looking over the footage. 4K cameras use special sensors for images. A typical image sensor inside a 4k surveillance camera is bigger in size than smaller resolution cameras. They offer improved low-light sensitivity to allow for the 8MP high resolution. When coupled with an advanced video codex (10 or 12 bit) and Ultra H.265, 4K surveillance cameras offer a high-quality video image.

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