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You may be familiar with the typical movie scene of a security guard in a room full of screens, monitoring security camera footage. While some places still do this type of constant video surveillance, advances in technology has given us the convenience of remote surveillance. This allows users to access their security camera recordings without actually having to be in the same physical location of the security cameras. But why would someone want this? Remote surveillance offers many benefits that you can’t get with traditional surveillance.

More Security

Since remote surveillance allows the user to monitor their sites from anywhere, it offers more protection. With traditional surveillance, users can only access and view the video recordings from the on-site video recorder. The cameras will still record what is happening while the property owner is away, but the owner won’t be able to view and playback the footage until they get back. This means that the user might not be aware of any crime that is occurring until it’s too late. With remote surveillance, users are able to see what is happening in real-time from any internet-connected device. If they see any suspicious activity, they can take action quickly and prevent incidents.

Reduced Costs

Another benefit of remote surveillance is that it reduces security expenses. Security cameras are good deterrents of crime, but when crime actually occurs, they are not capable of stopping anything. This is why many businesses hire security guards to monitor real-time footage from security cameras, as illustrated in the introduction. However, hiring security guards can be expensive, especially if multiple guards need to be hired for 24/7 surveillance. But since remote surveillance allows the user to monitor the cameras at anytime and from anywhere, there will be a reduced need for security guards. Instead of hiring other people to watch the cameras on-site, the user can do it themselves.

Instant Security Alerts

As mentioned before, one of the issues with surveillance is that it requires constant monitoring of the security cameras in order to prevent incidents from arising. Even though remote surveillance allows the user to monitor the cameras from anywhere, many owners are not able to constantly watch their cameras, especially if they have multiple locations. Some people argue that remote surveillance is not that much more advantageous than regular surveillance because it still requires constant monitoring. However, many cameras available today come equipped with features such as motion detection and audio to send alerts when suspicious activity is detected. This way, users can be away from their property and cameras but not have to worry about missing any important events.

Easy Scalability

Another benefit of remote surveillance is that it allows for easy scalability. Traditional surveillance can get expensive because if you want to add more security, it means either hiring more security guards to patrol the area or buying more cameras and hiring more guards to monitor them. Remote surveillance is cheaper to expand because you just need to add more cameras. It also makes monitoring multiple locations easier because everything is online on one platform so there’s no need to go to each individual site.


The biggest reason why people choose to use remote surveillance is because it offers more flexibility and convenience. Instead of users having to go on-site to monitor their cameras, they can view everything from their smartphone or computer. It also offers more peace of mind because people would know that even if they are away from their property, they will be able to see everything that happens.

Wrap Up

Remote surveillance is becoming a popular choice because it offers users more protection and flexibility. It acts as an extra watchful eye for property owners and allows them to be in multiple locations at once. Installing a remote surveillance system is not that much more difficult than a traditional system, but it offers so many more benefits.

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