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If you’ve had your CCTV system for quite awhile, it might be time for an upgrade. Even though your system might not be breaking down or showing signs of wear, an updated surveillance system will save you money and time in the long run.

Better Image Quality

Image quality and resolution has greatly improved in the recent years. Having standard resolution might’ve been sufficient in the past, but security cameras now allow you to record high quality footage without breaking the bank. If something were to happen to your property, you would want your CCTV system to record detailed footage so that you have a proper record of events to show the authorities. If you’re using an old system with low quality resolution, your footage could be considered useless if images are blurry and faces aren’t able to be identified clearly.

Prevents Downtime

Even though your system might still be performing, older CCTV systems are unreliable and are more susceptible to outages and failure. Having to constantly deal with outages can be a hassle to deal with but it can also get costly. If you are having to hire a professional to come to your property to resolve the issue every time, you can rack up large expenses. Not only that, all it takes is a few minutes of downtime for the security of your property to be compromised. Upgrading your system means better and more reliable surveillance.

More Storage Capacity

Besides spending more on maintenance, hanging onto an old CCTV system could mean spending more on storage. New video recorders typically use video compression in order to make video files smaller to maximize storage. If you’re using an older video recorder with no video compression, you may end up having to purchase additional video recorders or storage cards to handle your lower quality recordings.

Easy Management & Scalability

Another benefit of upgrading your CCTV system is that current technologies make it easier than ever to manage and access your systems remotely. With older systems, you can only view recordings from the on-site video recorder. Newer systems that are connected to the internet allow you to monitor your property from anywhere you are with a simple touch on your smartphone or computer. This remote access allows you to add on more cameras and systems and easily manage everything.

More Features

More advanced technologies mean more features and uses of your CCTV system. Older systems don’t have a lot of functions so they’re typically only used to record incidents in case they happen. Many current systems allow you to integrate your security cameras with other features like access controls, real-time alerts, motion sensor alarms, etc. Having more features like these provides better security and protection.

Wrap Up

Even though investing in a new CCTV system seems like an unnecessary expense right now, doing so might end up saving you money and headaches in the long run. Upgrading means more reliability and maximizes the security and uses of your system. If you’re interested, call us today!

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