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More and more people today are becoming concerned with their homes being burglarized. Criminals tend to search for properties they believe are easy targets and garages tend to be preferred because they are typically less maintained and secured. However, you don’t have to be an easy target, there are some precautions you can take to help prevent your property from being burglarized.

1. Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are a good place to start and act as a great deterrent when placed in strategic visible locations. They will also allow you to review recorded footage in case an incident does occur. The number and style of cameras needed will be determined by the size of property and budget, although we recommend covering entrances/exits and the surrounding property, as well as inside the building. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras are a great option for those who want more control over their cameras or would like to use less cameras for more coverage. PTZ cameras allow users to remotely control the view of the camera from any location via a specific controller or smartphone/tablet/laptop.   

2. Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are an often overlooked fortification to your security system. Many criminals will look for alternate ways into a property other than the door, this often leads them to windows. In addition to closing and locking any windows, you should also consider installing glass break sensors because in the end, they are just panes of glass that can be shattered. Garage windows are more susceptible to being shattered because they are often not connected to the house or are on the far end. This means they will be less likely to be heard if broken into.

3. Sirens and Strobes

Sirens and strobe lights are another great addition to your security system. They are a huge help in securing your property after a break in. If a criminal does attempt to enter your property and they are greeted by bright flashing lights and loud alarms informing people of their wrongdoings, they are sure to flee the scene quickly. Criminals like to sneak around, so drawing attention to their actions tends to send them into a panic. This makes you far less of a desirable target. Sirens and strobes can also help direct law enforcement to your property, further securing it after an event.

4. Motion Floodlight

Motion activated floodlights are a huge deterrent because they make it harder for a criminal to sneak into your property. They also make them question whether the property is currently occupied by more security conscious and aware individuals. Floodlights will also aid your surveillance cameras in capturing quality footage you can provide for law enforcement. Floodlights can also inform your neighbors that a possibly illegal situation is taking place and they can help inform you and law enforcement.

5. Digital communicator

One final device to consider is a digital communicator like a GSM Bridge. These devices allow users to connect their CCTV feed to smartphones, tables and laptops. This enables them to receive updates if there is a breach or view video footage from a safe environment. This gives you more control in the palm of your hand so that you don’t need to go out and investigate a possible active crime scene. You can also use this to control your alarm system and check your camera feed in case the triggered event is a false alarm like with a possible stray animal.

Wrap Up:

There are many directions you can take your surveillance security system but these are a few solid device options to get you started. In combination, this equipment should create a comprehensive system that will help protect and prevent your property from burglary. 2M Technology offers a team of certified technicians, salesmen and installers that are happy to help with all your security needs. Contact us at 1(877)-926-2288 if you have any questions or would like to develop a customized security system to meet your specific individual needs or requirements.

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