Honeywell 5552


Jacket Type Fluoropolymer, Color Red Thickness 0.025″ Nom, Diameter 0.215″ Nom

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Fire Alarm Cable 16 AWG 1PR Shielded FPLP Local Law 5
The Honeywell 5552 is a 16 AWG 1PR Shielded FPLP Local Law 5 Fire Alarm Cable. It is used to avoid increase of fire from floor to floor. Relevant for residential and riser applications, these fire alarm cables give negligible chance for knots or kinks or getting entangled. Moreover, this eases the installation, hence lessening jobsite wastage resulting into major savings!

Premium Manufacturing:
Designed in a composite structure, the Honeywell 5552 fire alarm cables ensures longer durability without any damage complaints. This cable comes with 16 AWG Solid Bare Copper conductors insulated with Fluoropolymer. These cables are designed to keep the circuit safe even after being affected by flames. In addition, these cables incorporates Red jacket made of Fluoropolymer.

The Honeywell 5552 are high level Fire resistant cables that are efficient to work under extreme fire conditions. Preferred by most of the security companies, these fire alarm cables are considered as the top most choice to control smoke or fire in high rise buildings. These are most suitable for fire alarm circuits and fir resistant circuits.





5552 Fire Alarm Cable 16 AWG 1PR Shielded FPLP Local Law 5 Features:


  • Jacket Type Fluoropolymer
  • Color Red
  • Thickness 0.025" nom.
  • Diameter 0.215" nom.


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