Honeywell 5828V


No Wires to Run, Lower Installation Time, Labor Costs, Speaks System Status, Zone Information in Plain English, Family Message Center

Regular Price $ 109.84 incl.VATOn sale price $ 93.37 incl.VAT

A perfect add-on to any LYNX or residential VISTA system, the 5828V Wireless Keypad saves dealers valuable time by offering the quickest, easiest installation of a secondary keypad. The 5828V is easy and inexpensive to install, with no wires to run.

It mounts anywhere—on walls, tabletops and counters—and provides the flexibility and convenience of operating the system from anywhere in the home. The 5828V also speaks system status and zone information in plain English, and homeowners can use the built-in family message center to record and play back voice messages.



5828V Wireless Fixed English Voice Keypad Features:


  • No wires to run–lower installation time and labor costs
  • Speaks system status and zone information in plain English
  • Family message center
  • Compatible with LYNX and residential VISTA systems (VISTA-10P, 15P, 20P and 21iP)
  • Includes three AA batteries or an optional AC power pack for “always on” operation
  • Large, easy to use keypad with single button operation
  • Optional desk mount and AC power pack
  • Attractive white console blends perfectly with any


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