Honeywell 58LSAVR3PIKT


Wireless M Receiver, Supports 16 Zones, Wireless M Receiver, Door/Window Transmitter, Supports Up to 16 Zones

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The Wireless M Receiver Supports 16 Zones This wireless receiver is designed to be connected directly to any compatible Honeywell alarm panel. Depending on the panel it is connected to, it can receive any number of Wireless Zones up to 16

The Door Window Transmitter Two zone transmitter with both built-in magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop. The 5800 Series of door and window transmitters provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection. These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations. With a demonstrated outdoor range of over a mile, the 5800 Series has the best performance of any transmitters available today.


5881ENM Wireless M Receiver Supports 16 Zones Features:


  • Wireless M Receiver
  • Supports Up to 16 Zones

5816 Door/Window Transmitter Features:

  • Features a standard white plastic case.
  • Dimensions: 3-1/16" H x 1-9/16" W x 1-3/16" D


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