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When you are selecting cable for your video security camera system, it might not be as straightforward as one might hope. Although, the specific type of equipment you have will typically dictate the type of cables you use. In this post, we discuss the six best security camera cables and what applications they are best used for.

Pre-Made Siamese

Pre-made Siamese are also known as pre-made CCTV cables. They are by far the most popular choice for HD over Coax type security cameras and analog CCTV cameras. The reason for this is because these cables come assembled with BNC connectors. They are to cut to a specific length so that the customers can use them right out of the box. On one end, there’s a BNC male video connector and a 2.1mm Female power input (DVR/monitor side). On the other end, there is a 2.1mm Male power output (camera side) and Male BNC video connector. These cables are good for people who are not experienced camera installers. Also good if you don’t know how to cut and terminate ends or get nervous they won’t do it right.

Pre-made AVP

Just like Pre-made Siamese, these pre-made Video, Audio, and Power come cut to length and are terminated with BNC power and video connectors on both ends. Although, there is an additional RCA lead for the transmission of audio back to the DVR or monitor. The cables allow users to attach an external microphone or support built-in microphones from one of the surveillance cameras. When you are using an external microphone with AVP, it is recommended to use surveillance microphones that share power with the camera and don’t require additional power or cabling.

RG59 Siamese Coax Spools

The RG59 Siamese Coax cable comes with 500 or 1000 foot spools and allow installers to cut and terminate their own cable. This is the most recommended cabling for BNC security cameras because of the superior gauge and materials used in manufacturing. Not like pre-made Siamese cables, RG59 often uses a much thicker 20-gauge core for video and 18-gauge cabling for power. Furthermore, the shielding on RG59 is a lot thicker than pre-made cables, making it more durable and long-lasting. The biggest benefit of terminating and cutting coaxial is that users can choose to install crimp-on, twist-on, or compression styles BNC, RCA, or F-Type connectors. Instead of trying to find a pre-made with their desired connectors.

RG6 Coaxial

RG6 is similar to RG59 Coaxial cable except that the copper core is 18-gauge instead of 20-gauge, and the insulation and shielding are much thicker. Although, this does not mean that it is better for HD CCTV security camera applications. The core of RG59 is thinner than RG6. It can transfer lower frequencies and bandwidths with less resistance. Although, the copper core of RG6 is thicker. When using RG6 for CCTV some users will find that their video may get distorted. Especially at longer distances. This is because the thicker core creates more resistance.

Cat-5e Network Cable

You are probably familiar with Cat-5e Ethernet cable. This is with an RJ45 connector that connects your internet modem to your wireless router. Also to your PC to your network switch/wired router. Cat-5E Ethernet is comprised of 8 individual, 4 pairs, or 24-gauge wires. Each pair is made for a specific purpose, such as power or data transmission. Like siamese cable, Cat-5e can transmit power and video over a single run. The type of configuration used with these wires allow users to increase their transmission range to 700 feet with coaxial, as far as 1300 feet with Cat-5E.


In the past few years, Cat-6 has become increasingly popular compared to Cat-5E. While they are both 4 pairs of 24-gauge that are wrapped in shielding of the Cat-6. They are more tightly wound and let transmission happen faster. For security cameras, it is recommended to use Cat-5e as it is not necessary to transmit more than 1,000Mbps, even in 4K resolution. Cat-6 is mainly intended to be the backbone for large network infrastructures that transmit several gigabytes of data per second.

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