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When people think about video surveillance systems, the first thing they might think about is their use to record robberies and theft on home properties and in stores. However, using a surveillance system can have so many other benefits, especially in the workplace. Here are some other uses of a workplace video surveillance system:

Reduces Theft & Shrinkage

The most common use of a video surveillance system is to deter or record theft. Security cameras are a good deterrent against crime because if people know they are being monitored, they also know that they have a higher chance of getting caught. Installing security cameras can deter employees from stealing money from cash registers or from stealing inventory from stockrooms. They can also be used to determine how inventory or products are being damaged.

Monitors Productivity

Having a workplace video surveillance system is also useful for encouraging employee productivity. Cameras are a deterrent for laziness as well as crime because employees will be less likely to slack off if they know they are being monitored. The cameras act as a watchful supervisor without employers having to physically be there. Monitoring employees with security cameras can also help determine how employees can improve their performance or evaluate their behavior with customers.

Resolves Incidents

Since workplaces have so many different people working together, incidents are bound to happen. Without any proof or record of events, it can be difficult to get the truth. Many situations can turn into a long battle of “he said, she said” which affects the workplace environment and causes stress. Having a video surveillance system to record everything will resolve incidents quicker. Since everything is recorded, there will be no question as to who is right and who is wrong. This can also help disputes between employees and customers.

Protects Against Liabilities

In any industry, workplace accidents or false claims are bound to happen. Sometimes when accidents happen, the employee blames the employer and takes legal action. Lawsuits can hurt the image of the business and they may have to pay expensive legal fees and settlements. But with a video surveillance system, all of the evidence will be recorded so businesses can protect themselves against liabilities and fraudulent claims.

Protects Employees

Having a video surveillance system is not just good for the company, but for the employees as well. Having security cameras around the building and in employee parking lots can deter crime from dangerous intruders and keep watch for suspicious activity. But besides protecting against external danger, surveillance systems also protect the employees from each other. For example, security cameras can deter or catch incidences of employee abuse or sexual harassment.

Remote Surveillance

Business owners can have multiple locations that extend to different parts of the country. A workplace video surveillance system allows owners to check in on their businesses without them having to physically be there. Employers can use the cameras to monitor employees and oversee operations from anywhere they are.

Wrap Up

Having a workplace video surveillance system is useful for a business owner or an employer to have for many reasons. But keep in mind that if you are installing surveillance cameras, there are a few guidelines to follow.

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