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Having a surveillance system has many benefits like deterring crime and monitoring for theft. However, since they’re so helpful in recording incidences of crime, they are also targets for vandalism. When visible cameras are seen by criminals, they could be destroyed or tampered with in order to prevent any record of the crime. As a result, the surveillance camera would be rendered useless and owners will have to spend more money to replace them. In order to prevent this from happening and to make your cameras vandal-proof, we have a few solutions.

Use Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are frequently regarded as vandal-proof cameras. Since this camera is smooth and round, it is difficult for someone to grab it and disconnect it. In addition, the protective dome case around the camera prevents anyone from tampering with the direction of the lens. The outer shell is also made out of very durable material and can withstand a high level of damage.

Go Wireless

The easiest way for criminals to stop security cameras from recording would be to cut any connecting wires. Using wireless security cameras eliminates the need for any wires, making them vandal-proof. Wireless cameras also give you more flexibility when it comes to placement because they can be put anywhere without having to worry about wires not reaching.

Mount Cameras Out of Reach

To prevent cameras from being disabled, you should always try to position cameras in hard to reach places. Typically, the higher the ceiling, the more vandal-proof. Placing cameras in high places takes more effort to reach and using ladders will make criminals more noticeable. As a result, many criminals will decide against targeting your property.

Hide Cameras

If placing cameras in high places is not possible, you should opt to use a few hidden cameras. Hidden cameras will work as a vandal-proof backup plan in case your visible cameras are destroyed or tampered with. But besides that, hidden cameras can capture more incidents because criminals won’t know they are there and will be more careless with their actions which could mean more evidence.

Buy a Lock Box

Surveillance cameras are targets for vandalism, but so are video recording devices. Video recorders are responsible for storing all of the surveillance footage so some criminals look for them to erase any evidence of their crimes. To make your system vandal-proof, you should purchase a lock box for your video recorder. These boxes have locks on them to prevent any tampering and protects against video recorder theft.

Consider Cloud Storage

Although a lock box is helpful, it’s not always a vandal-proof guarantee. For more protection, you should consider using a cloud server to store video footage. With a cloud, all of your surveillance footage will be uploaded on an internet server. Uploading recordings onto the cloud ensures that all of your footage will be saved, even if your cameras or video recorders are damaged or stolen.

Wrap Up

Having a surveillance system for protection is important, but having a vandal-proof surveillance system is even more crucial. For a better protected system, you should cover any threats that may occur and always have a backup plan in case things go awry.

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