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PTZ refers to Pan-Tilt-Zoom. These cameras are a popular choice because they have so many functions in a single device. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a PTZ camera:

  1. Complete movement and monitoring: PTZ cameras are capable of panning 360° and tilting 180°. This means that you are able to move the camera around to capture more areas than a fixed camera.
  2. Eliminates the need for multiple cameras: Since these can move around, you won’t need to install as many fixed cameras. One PTZ camera can monitor multiple areas while a fixed camera can only monitor an area within their view.
  3. Covers blind spots: Fixed cameras tend to have many blind spots because they can only record things within the camera’s view. Since PTZ cameras can move, they can vary their view which means that blind spots will be covered.
  4. Control functions remotely: Even though some cameras allow you to adjust the lenses and view, this can only be done manually. This means that anytime you want to change the camera lens settings, you have to take the camera and physically position and adjust it. With PTZ cameras, you can control the movement remotely from your smartphone.
  5. Auto-tracking: Besides being able to be controlled remotely, these cameras have an auto-tracking function. This means that when an object or movement is detected, the camera will pan, tilt, or zoom in order to track it. This way, suspicious activity won’t go unnoticed, even when you’re away from the camera.
  6. High quality zoom: Zoom is important to allow you to see detail from far away. The zoom function on these cameras allow you to zoom in real-time, giving you a clear and detailed image.
  7. Speedy operation: These cameras are able to move in different directions in a short amount of time. Despite the quick speed, they are still able to move with precision and are easy to to maneuver.

Wrap Up

Help better protect your property with a PTZ camera. These cameras are special because they can be moved to monitor more areas in clear detail. View our wide selection of PTZ cameras on our website today! If you have any questions or want a quote, we have a sales team and consultants available.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. You can call us at 877-926-2288 or connect with us on social media

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