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8 Camera Security Systems

2MCCTV has a line-up of pre-built security systems that are perfect for small to medium scale businesses. Each system comes with 8 cameras. You can choose from dome, bullet, indoor/outdoor, weatherproof, or vandal-proof cameras whichever package meets your needs.

All systems include a top of the line DVR that have a multitude of features ranging from email notification and scheduled recordings. You will be ready to go right out of the box. Also included in each pre-built package are all of the power supplies needed to get hooked up, a monitor and all of the cables needed for setup.

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  1. 4k NVR camera system- 8 Fixed Bullet

    This weatherproof camera is perfect for monitoring both indoors and out, with long-range IR LEDs providing clear viewing even in total darkness.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FB

    As low as: $51.33

  2. 2m Technology 8 Motorized Bullet Security Camera System kit

    This kit comes with everything you need to install and free tech support.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8ZB

    As low as: $22.50

  3. TVI Security Camera System 8 Motorized Domes

    This kit comes with everything you need to install.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8ZD

    As low as: $22.50

  4. 2M Technology 2MKIP-4M4FB4ZD 4k security ip systems- 4 Fixed Bullet/ 4 Motorized Dome

    This kit is a professional-grade surveillance system that provides you with industry-leading HD resolution and outstanding night vision to help you secure what matters most.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M4FB4ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  5. 4K IP Kit- 4 Fixed Dome/ 4 Motorized Bullet

    Whether you are looking to protect your home, small business or commercial property, this powerful security camera system will help you secure the things that matter most.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M4FD4ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  6. 4k commercial ip camera system- 4 Fixed Dome/ 4 Motorized Dome

    Comes with everything you need to install, take advantage of this special offer before we run out.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M4FD4ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  7. 4k ip cctv camera system- 4 Motorized Dome/ 4 Motorized Bullet

    One of 2M best kits yet, always trying to find a way to improve our service to keep you satisfied.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M4ZD4ZB

    As low as: $51.33

  8. 4k security ip system- 4 Fixed dome/ 4 Fixed Bullet

    This kit comes with everything you need to install 4 fixed dome, 4 fixed bullet cameras the perfect kit for any home or small store.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M4FD4FB

    As low as: $51.33

  9. 4K ip camera systems-8 Motorized Bullet

    Experience true peace of mind by knowing that this security camera is helping secure your property around the clock, even when you can't be there

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8ZB

    From: $51.33

    To: $1,709.73

  10. 4k ip video surveillance system- 8 Motorized Dome

    Experience plug-and-play simplicity with the robust feature set of a premium security camera.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8ZD

    As low as: $51.33

  11. 8 IP Outdoor Camera Kit 2MKT-N8108F

    • 1x 2M Technology NVR 2MN-8108-P8
    • 8x 2M Technology 2MVIP-4MIR30-P
    • 1x Western Digital Purple 4TB

    Model No : 2MKT-N8108F

    As low as: $128.33

  12. 4k ip cctv camera system- 8 Fixed Domes

    A higher resolution also means a greater digital zoom. This will allow you to zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality.

    Model No : 2MKIP-4M8FD

    As low as: $51.33

  13. 2M TVI Camera System Kit 2MKT-2M4FB4ZD

    stop losing money due retail theft and come check out this kit

    Model No : 2MKT-2M4FB4ZD

    As low as: $22.50

  14. 2m Technology 4 Fixed dome / 4 Motorized bullet Security Camera System kit

    These cameras can endure harsh weather conditions and vandalism. With this feature you do not have to worry about any damages done to your CCTV camera. These cameras makes a multiple camera installation easier and faster since there is no need to physically adjust each camera.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M4FD4ZB

    As low as: $22.50

  15. 2m Technology 1080P, 4 Motorized Dome-4 Motorized Bullets

    One of the amazing advanced features this camera has is that you can control the zoom and focus through coax cable. This feature only works with TVI DVR and its called COAXITRON. In addition, you can also get into the OSD settings through the COAXITRON. You will not need to use the RS485 cable

    Model No : 2MKT-2M4ZD4ZB

    As low as: $22.50

  16. 2m Technology 1080P, 8 Fixed Bullet

    This outdoor fixed camera also supports low illumination recording during the day and minimal light at night, where it will automatically switch to black and white mode.

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8FB

    As low as: $22.50

  17. 2m Technology 8 fixed dome kit

    High Definition TVI 1080P real-time video HD TVI video output, no delay, lossless, long distance transmission Progressive scan CMOS, capture moving object perfectly Reach 400 meters coaxial cable real-time transmission Support low illumination, auto color to black Support ICR switch, realize day & night monitore Support 3D noise reduction Metal shell 12VDC Power 1 Year Warranty

    Model No : 2MKT-2M8FD

    As low as: $22.50

  18. 2M Technology Wi-Fi Kit 720p 8 channel

    • Dedicated wireless router Built-in, for safer and more reliable transission.
    • Unpack and play when power on, without configuration for live video.

    Model No : 2MK-WF7208
  19. 2MKT-7008


    • 1x 8 Channel TVI,AHD,CVI,CVBS 2MT-7008
    • 8 x 2MP Vandal Eyeball TVI Cameras 2MVT-2MIR20
    • 1 x Western Digital Purple 2TB Hard Drive
    • 1 x SIAMESE-1000-BLK

    Model No : 2MKT-7008

    As low as: $74.86

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22 Item(s)

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