9 Funny CCTV FAIL Photos! 1

It seems on our blog we have either articles that are super serious, like an article on image sensor technology, or we go the complete opposite and have something 100% silly, like Funny Things caught on CCTV. I guess this one is like the latter.  So, here you are, 9 funny CCTV FAIL photos…. (in no particular order)

You better Redneckognize!  We got Surveillance!

Digital Camera Taped to Wall


Good way to hide your camera

CCTV Camera Behind Monitor

 The bicycle just adds insult to injury

Up Here Silly Cam

Did you hear about Sam (Sung)…. he hung himself

Sam (Sung) Hung Himself....

Climate change just got real

Ice over CCTV Camera

Ain’t nobody gonna take my TOP BRANDS sign!

Shop Brands Sign Fail

I have always feared clowns

Balloon Blocking CCTV Camera

 Can’t get more secure than that

Plug Next to Security Camera

Hey, these cameras are expensive. I need to keep an eye on them.

Security Cameras Facing Each Other

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  1. Some epic fails on here.
    The sad thing is someone got paid to install the cameras like this

    Mark Mc Grath

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