Geovision 92-48AE2-160


Win 7 Embedded, 64 Bit, No. Of Camera : 16, Chassis : 3U, Recording FPS : 480, Display FPS : 480, Bay : 2, System HDD : 500GB

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Enterprise Series DVR Intel I3 2 Hot Swap Bays 16 CH
The Geovision 92-48AE2-160 is a Digital Video Recorder that comes from the technologically advanced Enterprise Series DVRs. It comes with an advanced capability of supporting sixteen network IP cameras and features 3U Rackmount chassis having two Hot Swappable Bay.

Technologically Superior DVR
This technologically superior DVR is made-in-Taiwan and incorporates an Intel i3 processor and 8 GB RAM, along with embedded 64 bit Windows 7 Operating Software. The fast processing power of Intel i3 processor is perfectly complemented by the 8 GB RAM. Offering a high FPS value of 480 for both recording and display function the DVR ensures that you get optimum quality footage. The 500GB System HDD ensures that you have enough storage capacity.  

Keeping an Archived Backup of your Footages
Two Hot Swappable Bay for the HDD is incorporated in the robust built 3U Rackmount chassis that encapsulates the DVR. The wired connectivity technology of the DVR makes sure that 16 Network IP cameras are supported by the Video Surveillance Station efficiently. The DVD Burner included in the DVR gives you the freedom to record your desired footage on optical drives like DVDs, keeping an archived backup, storing and carrying them according to your needs and requirement. The Geovision 92-48AE2-160 also comes with an extended warranty of two years.





92-48AE2-160 Enterprise Series DVR Intel I3 2 Hot Swap Bays 16 CH Features:


  • 3U Rackmount Hot Swap
  • 2 Hot Swappble Bay
  • Intel i3
  • 8GB RAM
  • DVD Burner
  • 500 GB System HD
  • 2 year warranty
  • Win 7 embedded, 64 bit
  • No. of Camera : 16
  • Chassis : 3U
  • Recording FPS : 480
  • Display FPS : 480
  • Bay : 2
  • System HDD : 500GB
  • HDD : Add on


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