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A fisheye security camera is an IP security camera that allows you to monitor an area overview from a fisheye lens. This offers you a full field of view, from up to 360 degrees. The far-range spectrum gives the pictures an altered view, making it a favorable lens for other applications. It can capture large dimensions of a specific area in one shot. These types of lenses are invaluable in scientific research, surveillance, and in documenting landmasses.

Circular Fisheye Camera

The circular fisheye camera lens offers a 180-degree angle. They are useful in scientific research and are prevalent in photo and video devices. A circular fisheye lens captures a panoramic look in 180 degrees. Also, it displays the view on a circular image. Opposed to a bent or curved surface. In a circular fisheye lens, the image is inscribed in the sensor or film area, unlike in full-frame lenses where it is circumscribed around the sensor or film area.

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2M Technology 2MFIP-4MIR10U-P 4MP Fisheye Fixed Lens IP Camera

Full-Frame Fisheye Camera Lenses

There are also full-frame fisheye camera lenses. A difference between circular and full-frame is that circular has dark corners surrounding the image projected on the circle. In a full-frame fisheye lens, the image has been stretched in the vertical and horizontal angles. This gives a full-spectrum picture. The full-frame also captures a 180-degree image, but it has a diagonal field of view. With this, you get a fuller or more complete copy of the frame.

Miniature Fisheye Lens

Most security and surveillance cameras utilize a miniature fisheye lens. They are smaller, which allows it to cover a bigger area with a fuller frame. Most security cameras need smaller, compact frames. Miniature fisheye lenses can enable them to cover a full area. Fisheye lenses are used mostly in security surveillance systems.


A fisheye lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens that uses strong visual distortion to create a full panoramic image. Fisheye lenses use a unique mapping that gives images a convex appearance, instead of producing images with a straight line of perspective. A panoramic fisheye camera with IP allows you to view up to 360 degrees. In addition, the 180 and 360 degrees allow a surrounding view without blind spots. This is perfect for surveillance applications that require a large area of coverage in a single view. The 180-degree panoramic cameras provide situational awareness when they are installed on a wall.

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