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Swipe Card Door Entry Systems

Security nowadays is very crucial not only for secured or restricted areas but also businesses to protect personnel, networks and assets. Let us help equip your facility, we can help plan the layout and make recommendations for different types or a combinations of systems which can make it easy to install and cost effective. We have personnel with years of experience who can make recommendations based on past experiences and the most up to date technology. These accessories will allow you to complete your access control systems with magnetic locks and strikes, cables, and exit push buttons or sensor bars. Check out our array of systems, or if you have questions call or chat with us, we can help.
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  1. SECO-LARM EV-5105-N1SQ

    Vandal Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Plate Camera, 550 TV Lines Resolution, 170° Viewing Angle, Adjustable Mounting, Weatherproof IP67 Rated

    Model No : SECO-LARM EV-5105-N1SQ

    SECO-LARM EAP-5D5Q, 12 or 24 vdc output voltage access control power supply, AC power failure supervision relay

    Model No : SECO-LARM EAP-5D5Q

    SECO-LARM EAP-5D1Q, 12 or 24 vdc output voltag access control power supply, AC power failure supervision relay

    Model No : SECO-LARM EAP-5D1Q
  4. Rosslare Security PS-33

    Charging Up to 7 Ah, Power Supply for AC-225, Provides 12 VDC, Outputs VDC for Backup Battery

    Model No : Rosslare Security PS-33
  5. Rosslare Security PS-14

    Power Supply AC-225, Provides 12 VDC, Power Outputs, Backup Battery, Charging Up to 7 Ah

    Model No : Rosslare Security PS-14
  6. Rosslare Security PC-25T

    Two Power Supplies, Controller Unit, Door Strike, Built in Backup Battery, Charger 12V Sealed Lead, Acid Type, Rechargeable Batteries, Automatic Switch Over

    Model No : Rosslare Security PC-25T
  7. Rosslare Security BL-D40

    Emits Door Bell, Chime Alarm Sounds, Per Controller Events, Flashing Strobe, Light Signals, Powered by Controllers Power Supply

    Model No : Rosslare Security BL-D40
  8. Rosslare Security MD-08

    Used as a Desktop Reader, Fast Easy User Enrollment, Wiegand to RS-232 Converter, Compatible PC Software, Management Application, Compatible

    Model No : Rosslare Security MD-08
  9. Rosslare Security CP-R20U

    System Administrator, High Security, Incorporating Hardware Against, Software Piracy Technology, Operator Authentication, Process Secures Against Unauthorized, Activity PC Records Operator

    Model No : Rosslare Security CP-R20U
  10. Linear A2C/DB9

    Takes 1 Week Lead Time
    Serial Port Cable, UL certified

    Model No : A2C/DB9
  11. GeoVision GV-Wiegand Capture Box

    Access Control Box Capture Device, Integrate Wiegand into DVR System, RS-485 Communication Ports, 2 Inputs & Relay Outputs, 4 ms Relay Time, Wiegand 26 ~ 40 Bits

    Model No : GV-Wiegand Capture Box
  12. Galaxy Model 600 DSI

    Galaxy Model 600 Dual Serial Interface DSI Board, Third Party Vendor Interface, RS-232 or RS-485 Connection,2 RS-232 Channels per Board,2 RS-485 Channels per Board

    Model No : 600 DSI
  13. Galaxy Model 600 DIO

    Galaxy Model 600 Digital Input/Output DIO Board, Works with 600 CPU, Controls Input & Output Devices, Provides Input Supervision, Feature Hypervision

    Model No : 600 DIO
  14. Galaxy Model 600 DPI

    Galaxy Model 600 Dual Port Interface DPI, Works with 600 CPU, Supports 2 Readers Ports, Provide 2 Relays per Port, Supervised Door Contact

    Model No : 600 DPI
  15. Galaxy Model 600 CPU

    Galaxy Model 600 Central Processing Unit CPU, Manage Access Control Rules, Manage Data for Peripheral Devices, Process Data from the DPI Board, Process Data from the DIO Board, Holds All the System Programming

    Model No : 600 CPU
  16. DynaLock 9200

    DynaLock 9200: Surface Mounted Door Status Switch,Signal Door Closed or Ajar,Low Cost Door Reporting, Used for Door Interlocks,Used for Remote Door Monitoring

    Model No : 9200
  17. e-DATA DU

    e-DATA DU: Access Control Door Interface, Wiegand/RS485 Reader Inputs, Local Power to Readers, Locking Hardware/Sounder,Reader Beeper and LED Control, Frame Contact Status

    Model No : e-DATA DU
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17 Item(s)

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