Here at 2MCCTV we can customize any system to fit your needs and our inhouse technicians have years of experince to help you through any tough spots or problems. Tech help is free with the purchase of any of our systems. Shop our selection of simple swipe card door entry systems to a biometic evolutionary systems. Se information below to help you choose the best system for your needs.

Access Control Systems

2m access is proud to offer you free consultation to setup your access control system, we have certified access control experts standing by to answer your access control questions. Our access control experts are professional in understanding your requirements, needs, and environment to customize the right access control package for your needs, our experts gained professionalism through design, installation and servicing access control systems. Call 2mcctv experts now for your free consultation at 1-877-92M-CCTV (1-877-926-2288).

Custom Access Control Systems

2maccess offers a access control system that can secure a single door to multiple doors in multiple facilities. A 2mcctv control system will allow you to limited the personnel that are allow access to certain areas. The 2mcctv access control system allows for varying forms of credentials, from PIN number to biometric, and varying readers for controlling physical access through an entryways, or door.

Professional Access Control

Our professional assess control equipment for your access control system includes: multi-door controllers, access control reader, access control cards, access control transmitters, electromagnetic locks and strikes, exit push buttons, cables, and sensor bars. The access control readers include: biometric readers, PIN readers, proximity readers, and smart card readers. The access control cards include: magnetic stripe cards, bar code cards, Wiegand cards, 125 khz proximity cards, 26 bit card-swipe cards, contact and contact-less smart cards.

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