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Alarm Expansion Modules

Alarm Expansion Modules offer modules which can be easily install to improve your intrusion alarm system.
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  1. Honeywell ADEMCO 4208SNF

    Addressable Universal Expander Module, Used on 250 Zones Control, Provides 6 Class B Supervised Zones, Provides 2 Class A Supervised Zones, Powered from Addressable Loop, Cover Tamper Protection

    Model No : ADEMCO 4208SNF
  2. 2Gig Z-VBL

    Fits Standard Doors, Customizable Access Codes, Back-Lit Keybad, Increased Visibility, Customized Automatic Door Locking

    Model No : Z-VBL
  3. 2Gig Z-SNL

    Keyless Entry Option, Easy to Install, Battery Operation, Lock keypad, Touch of a Lighted Key, 30 User Codes, Equipment Available on Request

    Model No : Z-SNL
  4. DSC PC4820

    Fully Supervised Outputs for Open, Short and Ground Fault, Connect Up to 4 Modules, Provides 2 Alarm Notification, Circuits: Rated at 1.8 Amps @ 24 VDC Each,

    Model No : PC4820
  5. DSC Escort4580

    Turns Any Touchtone Phone, A Talking Keypad, Built-in X-10, Interface: Supports, Up To 32 X-10 Devices, 16 Schedules, 8 Modes, Available In English

    Model No : Escort4580
  6. DSC PC4401

    Fully Programmable, 4-wire Hook-up to Combus, Connect Up to 4 Modules, Capable of Performing as Either A Bi-directional Rs-232 Interface, PC-link Isolator or Printer Module, Real-time Zone Status,

    Model No : PC4401
  7. DSC PC4204CX

    Connect Up to 16 Modules, 4 Programmable Form Relays, Fully Supervised, for AC Failure, Low Battery and Aux Failure

    Model No : PC4204CX
  8. DSC PC5100

    Easy Detector Enroll Process, Compatible Control Panels, Connect Up To 32 Addressable Detectors, T-tapped Or Daisy Chained

    Model No : PC5100
  9. Honeywell ADEMCO VPLEX-VSI

    V-Plex Short Isolator Module, Detects/Isolates Polling Loop, Isolate Burglary Devices, LED Indicator, Powered from Polling Loop, Low Power Consumption

    Model No : Honeywell ADEMCO VPLEX-VSI
  10. Honeywell ADEMCO 4297

    Isolation/Extender Module, Isolate Circuit Faults, Provides V-Plex Loop Current, Fully Supervised, Separate DC Input, Monitors DC Power Input

    Model No : ADEMCO 4297
  11. Honeywell ADEMCO 4229

    Wired Zone Expansion/Relay Module, Provides 8 EOL Supervised Zones, 2 Programmable C Relays, Easily Wired to Panel, Expand Existing Systems, Attractive Case Design

    Model No : ADEMCO 4229
  12. Honeywell ADEMCO 4209U

    V-Plex Group Zoning Remote Point Module, Combines two-wire smoke detectors, Can be attached remotely , All loops are EOLR supervised , Supports four-wire smoke detectors , Uses two or four V-Plex addresses

    Model No : ADEMCO 4209U
  13. Honeywell ADEMCO 4208U

    Universal Eight Zone Remote Point Module, Optionally Powered by External Source, Identifies 8 EOLR Supervised Zones, DIP Switches for Settings, Fast 10 ms Response, Cover Tamper Protection

    Model No : ADEMCO 4208U
  14. DSC RM-2

    DSC RM-2: End-of-Line Relay Module, End-of-Line (EOL), Power Supervision Module, For 4-Wire Smoke Detectors, Used w/ Polarity Reversal Module, 25 mA Current Rating

    Model No : RM-2
  15. Honeywell ADEMCO 4208SN

    Serialized Eight Zone Remote Point Module, Used with 250 Zones Control, Optionally Powered by External Source, Uniquely Identified 8 EOLR Zones, Fast 10ms Response, Cover Tamper Protection

    Model No : ADEMCO 4208SN
  16. Honeywell ADEMCO 4204CF

    Supervised Notification Appliance Module,

    Model No : ADEMCO 4204CF
  17. Honeywell ADEMCO 4190SN

    V-Plex Two Zone Remote Point Module, Serial Mode Programmable, Two Detection Loops, For Closed Circuit Sensors, With/Without EOLR Supervision, UL Listed for Fire/Burglar

    Model No : ADEMCO 4190SN
  18. Honeywell ADEMCO 4101SN

    V-Plex Single Output Relay Module, Form C Relay Contacts, One Aux Input Zone, In A Small Plastic Case, Tamper-Protected Cover, Suitable for Burglary/Fire Installs

    Model No : ADEMCO 4101SN
  19. Honeywell ADEMCO ECP-ISO

    ECP Isolator Module, Maintain the Operation, Help in Event of Shorts, Required for Fire Alarm Systems, Installed as Combination Alarm, Installed as Isolation System

    Model No : ADEMCO ECP-ISO
  20. DSC PC5950

    DSC PC5950: Universal Audio Verification Module, Supports 2-Way Audio VOX, Support Push-to-Talk Verification, Supports 4 Microphones/Speakers, Silent/Listen-in Functionality, User Call-In Feature

    Model No : PC5950
  21. DSC PC5108

    DSC PC5108 PowerSeries: Hardwire Zone Expander, Adds 8 Hardwire Zones, 125 mA AUX Power, PTC Protected, Fuseless Design, Compatible with Control Panels

    Model No : PC5108
  22. DSC PC5400

    DSC PC5400 PowerSeries: Printer Interface Module, Support a Serial Printer, 4-Wire Hook-Up to Keybus, Current Draw of 35 mA, Tamper/Trouble Reporting Codes, Compatible with PowerSeries Panels

    Model No : PC5400
  23. DSC PC5580TC

    DSC Escort 5580TC PowerSeries: Telephone Interface & Automation Control Module, Turns Phone to Talking Keypad, Programmable Labels, Built-in X-10 Interface, Built-in Thermostat Support, Compatible with Control Panels

    Model No : PC5580TC
  24. DSC PRM-4WC

    DSC PRM-4WC: Polarity Reversal Module, In Plastic Case, Use with the FSA series, Connect 4 Smoke Detector, Provide a 'Tandem' Connection

    Model No : PRM-4WC
  25. DSC PRM-2WC

    DSC PRM-2WC: Polarity Reversal Module, In Plastic Case, Use with the FSA series, Connect 4 Smoke Detector, Provide a 'Tandem' Connection

    Model No : PRM-2WC
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