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Alarm Modules

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  1. Better Way Security Products BW-3

    Better Way Security Products BW-3: Line Seizure Connector, New Style Interface, Utilizing the B-W Connector

    Model No : Better Way Security Products BW-3
  2. DSC PC4204CX

    Connect Up to 16 Modules, 4 Programmable Form Relays, Fully Supervised, for AC Failure, Low Battery and Aux Failure

    Model No : DSC PC4204CX
  3. DSC PC4401

    Fully Programmable, 4-wire Hook-up to Combus, Connect Up to 4 Modules, Capable of Performing as Either A Bi-directional Rs-232 Interface, PC-link Isolator or Printer Module, Real-time Zone Status,

    Model No : DSC PC4401
  4. DSC Escort4580

    Turns Any Touchtone Phone, A Talking Keypad, Built-in X-10, Interface: Supports, Up To 32 X-10 Devices, 16 Schedules, 8 Modes, Available In English

    Model No : DSC Escort4580
  5. DSC PC4820

    Fully Supervised Outputs for Open, Short and Ground Fault, Connect Up to 4 Modules, Provides 2 Alarm Notification, Circuits: Rated at 1.8 Amps @ 24 VDC Each,

    Model No : DSC PC4820
  6. 2Gig Z-SNL

    Keyless Entry Option, Easy to Install, Battery Operation, Lock keypad, Touch of a Lighted Key, 30 User Codes, Equipment Available on Request

    Model No : 2Gig Z-SNL
  7. 2Gig Z-VBL

    Fits Standard Doors, Customizable Access Codes, Back-Lit Keybad, Increased Visibility, Customized Automatic Door Locking

    Model No : 2Gig Z-VBL
  8. DSC PC5200

    DSC PC5200 PowerSeries: Power Supply Modules, Provides up to 1 Amp, Fully Supervised for AC Failure, Adds 4 Voltage Outputs, Supervised Bell Output, Compatible with Control Panel

    Model No : DSC PC5200
  9. DSC RF5132-433

    DSC RF5132-433: PowerSeries Wireless Receiver, Supports 32 Wireless Zones, Supports 16 Wireless Keys, Compatible with PowerSeries Panels, Dual Antenna Design, Case/Wall Tamper

    Model No : DSC RF5132-433
  10. DSC PC5961

    DSC PC5961: Stand-Alone Audio Station, Equipped with Speaker/Microphone, New Modern Look, 2-Way Voice Verification, 4-Wire Connection, Surface or Single-Gang Mount

    Model No : DSC PC5961
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Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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