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Last year, the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd sparked protests rallying against police brutality and the lack of accountability. In response to allegations of officers abusing their power, some police forces have implemented the use of body worn cameras. These devices are surveillance cameras that are placed over the chest or torso to record a better account of events. However, body cameras are not just for police officers. Body cameras are increasingly being used in many other different industries for other purposes.


Many factories and manufacturing plants have been turning to body cameras to ensure that all safety procedures and processes are being followed correctly. In pharmaceutical production plants, millions of dollars worth of medication can be wasted if there’s any suspicion that proper safety measures were not met. These surveillance devices are proving to be useful for plants to review and verify whether or not proper steps were being followed. This has allowed companies to save money on medication that would’ve been thrown away.


Body cameras are also being used to provide evidence that deliveries were made properly. For example, if a grocery store has a complaint that the right amount wasn’t delivered or that the produce was bad, they can review the footage from the camera to confirm. Walmart has also been using these cameras on their employees who make home deliveries. Using this device, the employee can gain access to the customer’s home to put away groceries while the client monitors through their smartphone.

Retail Training

Many retail stores have started to use body cameras to record customer interactions to improve employee training and behavior. By reviewing footage that the camera records, businesses can evaluate how the employee can better their service. They can also teach new employees how to handle different real-life situations.

Emergency First Responders

Like police officers, emergency first responders are held liable for their actions and could face legal issues if they are found to have handled a situation improperly. Body cameras provide a first-hand account of events for investigations of negligence or misconduct. In addition, they can be used to better train the employee on how to handle the challenging situations they will face in the near future.

COVID-19 Safety

Body cameras have seen a surge in popularity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reason for this is because businesses have to enforce safety measures such as mask usage and social distancing, but there are some clients who refuse to abide by the new regulations. Employees who are trying to enforce the rules may become targets of customer abuse and situations could escalate. The body cameras record these situations to keep the customers accountable which better protects the employees.

Wrap Up

In the past, body cameras were mostly used by police officers to provide more transparency, but they’re increasingly being used in other industries. Like regular surveillance cameras, people will continue to find more uses of these cameras and they will become more prevalent in our world. Many people are concerned that our lives are becoming less and less private, but I believe that these cameras are making us safer.

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