Altronix AL400ULX

Altronix Power Supplies

Single Output Power Supply/Charger, 12VDC or 24VDC Output, 4 amp @ 12VDC Current, 3 amp @ 24VDC Current, Class 2 Rated Power Output, Short Circuit/Overload Protection

Regular Price $ 224.72 incl.VATOn sale price $ 191.01 incl.VAT

Altronix AL400ULX

Convert your 115VAC (volts of alternating current) devices to either 12 or 24VDC (volts of direct current) with this power supply and charger from Altronix. Power outage? No problem. This power supply holds up to two 12VDC backup batteries. It can also charge gel type and sealed lead acid batteries, which need special chargers. This is a class 2 power supply, meaning the power is limited to prevent dangerous overheating that could damage your devices or cause a shock or fire. The power supply also has a fuse at the input in case of excessive current.


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