Altronix 16 Fused Outputs CCTV Power Supply. 24VAC @ 8A. or 28VAC @ 7A. ALTV2416

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16 Fused Outputs 24VAC CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC or 28VAC selectable output. , Surge suppression. ,AC power LED indicator. ,Unit maintains camera synchronization.

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Supply 24 or 28 VAC (volts of alternating current) power to up to 16 CCTV devices with the ALTV2416.



Centralize Your Power Supply


Use one wall outlet instead of many. For each device, screw the respective Siamese coax cable wires into the terminals of the power supply. Then, plug the CCTV power supply into the wall. Save tons of outlet space and keep your power cables bundled together.



Protect Your Equipment


Each of the 16 outputs has a fuse to protect your devices in the case of a short and replacement fuses are included.  The power supply is also equipped with surge suppression.




  •  24VAC or 28VAC selectable output.
  •  8 amp @ 24VAC or 7 amp @ 28VAC (200VA) supply current.
  •  Sixteen (16) fuse protected outputs.
  •  Output fuses are rated @ 3.5 amp.
  •  115VAC 50/60Hz, 1.9 amp input.
  •  Surge suppression.
  •  AC power LED indicator.
  •  Power ON/OFF switch
  •  Unit maintains camera synchronization.


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