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Alronix Corporation is is a prime manufacturing designer of low electronics elements and parts. Altronix provides an inclusive line of CCTV, Security products, Fire & Access Control products.
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  1. Altronix NETWAY1

    Altronix NETWAY1 Single Port PoE Injector Midspan, Indoor Module
  2. Altronix ALTV248

    8 Fused Outputs 24VAC CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC, 8 OUTPUT, 4 Amp Central Supply,24VAC or 28VAC selectable output.,Surge suppression., Power ON/OFF switch ,Unit maintains camera synchronization.
  3. Altronix EBRIDGE1CT

    Altronix EBRIDGE1CT IP over Coax Transceiver, eBridge1CT is a CAT5 to Coax cable Ethernet adapter
  4. Altronix EBRIDGE1PCT

    Altronix EBRIDGE1PCT IP and PoE over Coax Transceiver
  5. Altronix 16 Fused Outputs CCTV Power Supply. 24VAC @ 8A. or 28VAC @ 7A. ALTV2416

    16 Fused Outputs 24VAC CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC or 28VAC selectable output. , Surge suppression. ,AC power LED indicator. ,Unit maintains camera synchronization.
  6. Altronix AL400ULX

    Single Output Power Supply/Charger, 12VDC or 24VDC Output, 4 amp @ 12VDC Current, 3 amp @ 24VDC Current, Class 2 Rated Power Output, Short Circuit/Overload Protection
  7. Altronix NETWAY1E

    Altronix NETWAY1E Single Port Midspan Injector, A quality product by Altronix
  8. Altronix AL600ULACMCB

    12VDC or 24VAC Power Supply/Charger, With Selectable Output, 6 Amp Continuous Current, Fail-Safe and/or Fail-Secure, Access Power Controller
  9. Altronix NETWAY8

    Altronix NETWAY8 PoE Injector Hub, A quality product by ALTRONIX CORP, Port status LED indicators
  10. Altronix NETWAY16

    Altronix NETWAY16 Power over Ethernet Midspan
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10 Item(s)

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