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Home surveillance systems are a popular choice due to their added protection, but not everyone owns a house. Many people rent apartments which may not have security surveillance available as an amenity. However, all apartment renters should have a surveillance system because they are more susceptible to theft since there’s so many people living in close proximity. Installing a surveillance system in an apartment has the same benefits as a home system, but renters need to be careful about following strict renting policies. When choosing a surveillance system for apartments, there are a few things to look for.

Drill-Less Installation

The majority of apartments have strict rules against permanent modifications, and this applies to drilling holes in walls and ceilings. When choosing security cameras to use inside apartments, you should think about how you can install them without having to drill anything down. Many renters choose to use compact cameras that can be hidden on window sills or on furniture. Another option would be to use strong adhesives to mount them onto ceilings and walls.

Portable Security Cameras

Apartment renters tend to move from place to place because leasing contracts typically only last a few years at most. For this reason, ease of portability is a big deciding factor for renters. Wireless security cameras are a popular option for apartment use because they don’t require the user to connect any wires; users can just position the camera where they want and start recording. This means that there will be no wires to pack up when moving and the user won’t have to go through the trouble of setting up and rewiring an entire surveillance system at a new apartment.

Minimal Equipment

As mentioned before, portability is important for apartment renters because they do not usually live in the same building for long. The ideal apartment surveillance system should have minimal equipment so that the renter can pack up easily and quickly when it’s time to move out. Besides using wireless security cameras, renters might also find that using a cloud storage solution is a more convenient option than using a traditional video recorder. Since all of the video recordings will be uploaded onto an online cloud, there will be no need for renters to pack up bulky video recorders or deal with the hassle of connecting cameras.

Contract-Free Service

Since apartment leasing contracts don’t last a long time, renters should choose surveillance services that don’t require a contract or that have short-term contracts. That way, renters won’t be bound to apartments because of surveillance system contracts or have to pay expensive penalties to get out of them.

Strength of Connection & Power

One issue of living in an apartment is that the internet connection can be weak and slow because there’s so many people sharing it. Apartments are also prone to power outages because of this. When choosing an apartment surveillance system, it’s important to also consider these factors. Wireless security cameras are less reliable than wired cameras because they depend on WiFi connection. However, since they are powered by internal batteries, they will still function if the power goes out. If you choose to use wireless cameras, you should use repeaters to boost the signal.

Wrap Up

Although apartments are smaller and do not have a permanent owner, they are homes to a significant amount of the population and require a proper surveillance system like houses. If you are a renter and are considering a surveillance system, keep these few things in mind so that you can have hassle-free protection without risking penalties.

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