Are HD CCTV Security Cameras Better Than Network IP Cameras? Leave a comment

Surveillance is an important part of security and as a result, the best way for a business to surveil is always a popular question. If we looked around to see what most businesses use, we would see that the most popular options are IP cameras and NVRs. Most people would claim that HD CCTV cameras fit most of the boxes when it comes to surveillance systems. HD CCTV cameras come in a few forms. HD-TVI and AHD cameras. This blog will explain scenarios in which one might be better than the other.

Situations where the over coax camera system may be better

  • If what the company seeks is an IP/NVR system but are open to learning about different solutions
  • There are multiple buildings each 200 feet long
  • They need five or more cameras that are weatherproof
  • 3 cameras that might be near the DVR
  • Connectivity to mobile phones

Why is HD-over-Coax Best?

If your business matches those criteria, you might wonder what functionality these kinds of cameras provide. The first one is that the video quality of these cameras is incredible. Not only that, some of them even support dual voltage. What might that mean for you? It means that they could use a 12V DC or 24V AC power supply to power them up. You might then wonder how to check the feed on your mobile devices. The mobile apps that come with these systems are very effective as well. Almost all NVRs and DVRs come with apps. However, some are definitely better than others. But, if the proper app is used, then the feed from the security cameras can be viewed on the mobile app at any time from anywhere without having to pay for it. Apps are usually available on both the main platforms like android and iOS. The cameras come with software that can be used on computers as well.

Installation and Cost

The installation process will not be very difficult for anyone who has dealt with computers for any amount of time as they are essentially miniature computers. How you may ask? As with computers, they have systems and firmware that need to be updated. Each camera usually comes with its own IP address as well. What this results in is that IP cameras require a bit more maintenance. On the other hand, AHD and HD-TVI cameras are ready to be used as soon as they are plugged in. as a result, they save time and money that could be spent otherwise on professional installers. HD CCTV camera equipment usually costs less than IP cameras in both setup and maintenance as a result. So, in most conditions, HD-CCTV is recommended

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