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In order to see if you should buy night vision color cameras, you must first know how they function. Night vision color cameras use infrared LED lights around the lenses so that they can shine; they do not use visible infrared light in front of the camera. The camera’s sensor then uses the infrared light that is reflected and then constructs a visible image for everyone to see. One thing to keep in mind is that most infrared security cameras have an automatic shift from full color to black and white when a light in the area drastically increases or decreases for some reason. Why does that occur? It is because infrared light does not fall on the regular color segment when it is placed on the electromagnetic spectrum. Why does that matter? Because that is why we can not see infrared light.

Installation Tips

In order to install a camera like this, you should try to have a CNV camera with exterior lights. Why use CNV cameras at all? They are good for the exterior of buildings or houses with an external light placed close by. One thing to consider is that color night vision might require ambient lighting to be able to continue recording in full-color images. When would the lighting cause a disruption? If the lighting falls below 1 lux (complete darkness), the full-color video will switch to black and white by using infrared night vision. Why does it do that? Because that ensures that it can produce the best low light image quality.

How Do They Work?

The reason Color night vision security cameras can even function in such low light environments is that they use powerful image sensors. The image sensors are very sensitive to light and as a result, they can absorb more visible light. When the lighting is particularly bad, regular cameras will shift to black and white without checking for any other variables. However, color night vision cameras can capture color videos or images when the lighting is not too bad, and when the lighting goes beyond a specific point, they will shift to black and white. The difference is that these kinds of cameras actually give you options that you might want to use.

Comparisons to Regular Night Vision

At this point, you have seen some basic comparisons done between color night vision cameras and regular night vision cameras. But you may still be wondering if that is enough to sell you on buying these kinds of cameras. Well, let’s list down the positives to see if that is good enough:

  • Color CCTV cameras provide a lot more visual details
  • The image quality provided by a color CCTV camera is a lot better
  • They need minimal light to deliver color images even in the darkest of nights
  • The price to performance ratio is extremely high.

How To Choose the Best Camera

When it comes to security cameras like these, the importance of the placement cannot be stressed highly enough. If you are placing the cameras indoors, the cameras should not be placed behind windows or glass. Why? Because if you place it behind another layer like that, the images that come out might be blurry or washed out. You also have to keep in mind that if they are placed in a room where a child might stay in, the bright red light might scare them.

When it comes to outdoor cameras, there are other things to keep in mind as well. If the cameras were being used outdoors, the cameras have to be IP65 weatherproof. Why is the IP rating necessary? Because they have to be weatherproof in order to survive the extreme heat and cold that a camera might face outside.


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